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New to the site. And my cat just had babies.

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HI Everyone,

Im new to the site. I am a proud grandma since yesturday morning to 6 new kitties.. But i have lots of questions about what the momma cat is suppose to be like with the babies. I was wondering if anyone in here is experienced with kitties, or has any info that would help.. The momma cat has been taking One of her kitties into another room and leaving it there and then going back to the other ones and just sitting with them.. I dont know why she is doing this. and its kinda freaking me out a little. Ive recently put all the kittens in a little kid pool and put that under the bed that she had all her babies under. But now for the last 2 hours the momma cat wont go anywhere near them. its like she wants nothing to do with them. And im kinda scared and dont know what to do..
Any info would be great...!!
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Welcome to the site! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where one of our Kitten Experts can help you.
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I would be taking that kitten to the vet pronto. Mom cats sense when a little kitty is not well- either by scent, or instinct, but they will move the one off the nest, in a sort of sacrifice to predators to keep the rest of the family safe-

Please refer to this website and get this kitten into a warm box and start feeding it until you can get it to the vet!


I would strongly urge you that an ER vet clinic would be a strong option right now- this one may be running out of time

Also get rid of the pool the plastic smell could be putting her off, just pile bedding under the bed for her and block around the kittens if you can so they won't wander off. Ideally a cardboard box makes a good bed, or a large plastic container with tall sides
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I just checked and momma cat has taken that kitten again and 2 more away from the other ones and is feeding them away from the other 3..
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I am going to be calling a vet soon. just have to find the right one. Ive never had to deal with kitties before so this is all very confusing to me. The mom cat now has taken three of them away to feed them away from everyone else. and she keeps moving the kitties from one place to another. She seems to never be happy with the place she has them. She doesnt like boxes. she doesnt like being on the carpet she doesnt like it anywhere. Should i be concerned about all this moving around?
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welcome to the site - I cant give any advice on this - but Hissy has had lots of experience with this sort of thing - so take her advice and certainly look at the kitten rescue link she supplied you with - its got lots of great advice on there...

good luck with the vet - keep us posted and our thoughts are with you, mum cat and the new babies.

hopefully one of the others will come back online and give you some more advice - until then take a deep breath and remain calm!!!
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How are mom-cat and her babies doing today?
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Welcome to TCS! How are the kittens? Did you get your problem resolved?
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i had to take one of the kittens to the vet today, because it was cold and not moving very often.. but i can go back today later and pick him up and they said he'll be ok. part of the problem may have been fleas, so they gave me advantage to take home and treat the kittens and the mom with.. well i waited a while before putting the kittens back with the mom, but she was licking them a little, and now shes drooling, does anyone know if this will harm her? she isnt licking at them anymore though.
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they had to give him sugar injections i guess because he was dehydrated. it was strange though because this morning he was away from teh others again, and i thought he may have been dead.. it didnt seem like he was breathing or that he had a heartbeat. but if i rubbed him for a while he would move a little and make noise. i was told that if the babies temperature drops below a certain point the mom will move it away because they think it is already dead.. but thankfully the kitten will be fine.
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Welcome to the site, it is a great one!
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