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I am a brand new member and I would like to tell you about one of my cats- Matu (ma-too) that is cajun french for tom cat. Matu adopted us nearly 14 years ago. We had 3 females at the time, and he quite shortly took care of all of them and i 60 days we had 12 beautuful kittens flying around the house. Matu is a linx point siamese, about 7 pounds, and has no fear of any dog large or small. Our 3 dogs give him a wide path, even though he has never touched one. 2 years ago our home burned down to the ground and he was inside the locked house. Somehow, someway, he managed to escape. All four feet sustained third degree burns and his fur was singed and burned. With 24 hour a day nursing care he recovered fully. The vet was amazed, especially at his age. He is 15 now, and just as active and beautiful as ever. Heis truly remarkable and the joy of our life.
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Hi and welcome to Cat Site! I am also from Louisiana. I live in a small town between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Good to have another Cajun around here.

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Thats quite a history you and your Matu have!

Look forward to hearing more, and seeing pics of course! :laughing2:
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OMYGAWD! That's quite a story! You must be very proud of your Matu (which I guess would be the cajun version of the french "matou" which means "tom cat"...)

Welcome Pamela, you will soon feel at home here!

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Welcome to TCS to you and your Matu. Hi story of survival is amazing.
I will not forget it. I look forward to your posts and more stories about your amazing friend!
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Welcome to the cat site!!
What an amazing story! Matu sounds like a wonderful cat and a very lucky one too!
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Wowee!! what a story!! Im glad Matu has recovered and is still with you!! Welcome to the site - we love to read posts like this so keep 'em coming!! Look forward to hearing more from you and Matu!!

Ps Pictures of such a heroic a kitty will go down well here!!
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A big welcome to the Cat Site, I have 1 cat called Felix, 2 Guinea Pigs called Clover and Peachy and 7 Gold fish called Cleo, Flipper, Ronan, Ariel, Flonder, Angel and Glodie
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Hi and welcome to the site. Matu sounds wonderfull. Glad to have you with us and look forward to hearing more from you. Would love to see some pics to.
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Welcome Pamela!!! Matu must have 9 lives!!! I am so glad to hear he made it out of the house okay, the poor little guy, I hope you enjoy it here!
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