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I wrote a little about Sarah in another Forum category. This is to tell you about an Angel I had in my life for almost 3 years.
My husband and I were in Nashville, TN to go to the huge Shopping Mall there. We are only about a 2 hours drive from there. Anyway, we stayed the night and as we were going to sleep the local news station was telling a story about 25-30 persians that were found and rescued. The woman supposedly got sick and couldnt care for them. They were left for months with very little water and even less food. Some of them were so traumatized that they were eventually sent to a animal refuge where they live now and dont have to deal with anyone and have a good life. The woman who was "A prominent woman in the community" never faced charges, which burns my butt! If she was prominent, she could afford to have someone go in and at least feed the poor things! Anyway I got the call letters for the TV station and when we got home I looked it up on the w.w.w. and found the info and vague information about the whereabouts of one of the vets taking care of the cats. I called there and was told they didnt know when they would be available for adoption. I called and called and finally was given the OK to come and after a reference check from my vet, go pick out 2 persians. It was in a little town in Tennesee about 5 hours drive from home. We got there and I couldnt believe the condition of most of the cats! They were terrified of people and were all shaved exept for the heads werent. They were all in wire cages around the room on the floor. I got down on my knees and opened some of the doors to pull the cat out. They did not like it, my forearms were gashed from the whole thing. I was determined to have a calico persian and the only calicos wanted nothing to do with people. I took one and she turned into a beautiful healthy cat! The other one was not in a cage along with another that looked somewhat like her. My husband bent down for some reason and the one jumped up on his back. He said "we're taking this one". She was named Sarah. A tortie, that was a pretty as the calico, Molly after they had grown out and gotten fatter. Sarah had a stuffed animal almost as big as her that she carried in her mouth and would sit it down and go face to face with it and talk to it! It was the strangest thing I have ever seen. She would sit on the bed and while you were trying to get dressed or whatever she would keep reaching her paw and wanting you to pet her. It was really cute. Then she developed a lump under her left arm. It grew and I took her to the vet and it was cancer. She had surgery to remove it but it started to grow back before the stitches even healed. We could've done the surgery again, but it didnt seem fair to put her through that again. So I grew and grew and it was on the outside of her body so you could see the progress. Towards the end it would open up and it was time. She never acted like it bothered her, so it was really hard to know when to make that decision. My husband wouldnt take her, so I got one of my friends and we took her and stayed with her as they injected her and her eyes went blank. It broke my heart! I turned and grabbed my friend and bawled! Sarah was a blessing to our family! She turned my son even into a cat lover. She was very special and we will never forget her!
Love You Sarah!! Take care of Babye and Willow for Momma!
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The loss of any animal is hard, and seeing something like cancer, when there is no way to control it from spreading, would just make it harder. Even though you had time to prepare, you can never quite be prepared to say goodbye. It is always difficult-
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Patty, I am so sorry you lost your sweet Sarah. Thank you for sharing these precious memories with us. Sarah must have been so adorable with her stuffed animal! She is now in perfect health because you loved her so much that you put aside your needs so that she would not have to endure pain. I pray that God will give you comfort in your heart during this painful time of grief.
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Patty how sad to lose Sarah in this way. She will love you so much because of the great love you had for her. You rescued her, loved and cared for her and helped her at the very end. I am so sorry for your heartbreak.
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