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KittyLove & Aristocat's Beautiful Felix  

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Hi Everyone :angel2::angel2:

This is Felix I'm sure everyone remembers Jenna (KittyLove) and Jackie (Aristocat) ...I believe Felix is to be at 14 years old now. He's such a precious kitty; this is Jenna's love ...I was asked to post him and it is my pleasure. There ya go you sweet little angel's :angel2: Hugs{{{{Jenna & Jackie}}}} :angel2:

Our bud from England says "Rrrrrreow"

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Beautiful kitties!

Catarina - How do you post more than one pic in a post?
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Dear Dawn... :angel2:

For some catnip...I'm liable to tell you anything....rrreeeeeeow

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Dawn :angel2: :laughing2:

It's kinda hard to tell you in one shot, but I'll give it a go..Okay, you see a pic you like on a website, put your pointer on the pic and click right, click on properties, click on copy, minimize your website page...come back here...using the IMG tag click that, click paste and it'll insert the properties that you copied from the picture from the website...there ya go

Gotta run hon, but I will be sure to help you soon if you don't get this one...It's not hard at all. But, for now...I have the boss's truck and eeeeeeeeeeeeks...

Love & Peace,
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That was so sweet of you to post Felix's pictures... Felix could pass for Nomar's twin!!!

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Felix looks just like I pictured him.
What a handsome fellow!
MEOW to him!!
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Felix is simply beautiful!!
He could pass as Spooky's twin, also!
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Seems like we've got alot of relatives of Felix on this site!! hee hee - he looks just like my Boddington too!! (except I think Bod is a liiiiitle bit podgier!! :laughing: )

What a looker he is!! (Felix that is....hee hee)

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Thank you so much Catarina,you are such a kind and thoughtful lady

Its lovely to see Felix on the cat site

Jenna will also be so pleased,it will be a nice surprise for her when she comes home from school.I,m now telling Felix that hes famous,but I think he is too interested in having a nap,ahh bless him.

I captured the first picture when Felix was in the middle of a yawn and the second picture is when he was under his favourite bush.Felix will be 16 in november and hes still climbing fences

Thank you dawn,loretta,debra and gemini for your lovely replies.

Thank you so much again Catarina,Felix now has his own profile thread,hes a wonderful cat and we love him with all our
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Oh thank you Bodlover,I,d love to see Boddington,I love looking at members cats,they are so cute and beautiful.

I forgot to mention,on the first picture Felix is looking a bit gummie, thats because he only has a couple of teeth left. As well as his normal cat food which is called "felix",he just won't touch any other brand,he can still manage his treat foods chicken and tuna.
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Felix is a beautiful cat. (Sorry I didn't mention that in my post.) I was taken by his beauty!!! :laughing:
I bet you didn't know Felix has
The count stands at three. Do I hear four? :LOL:
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Thank you so much Loretta, yes I think Felix must have many relatives There is another black cat that lives a few houses away,I oftern have to look at him carefully before I realise its not Felix. I just look at the chest area , as Felix has a few white hairs on him.

I have some lovely video footage of Felix,Disney's film Aristocats have got the cat walk so right,tail up, head up, they look so proud,so majestic
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Sorry about that, I posted by mistake so I'll start again.

Oooooooooh, it's great to see my Prince Felix on the Cat Site, he looks so cute doesn't he?

I have not been on the cat site much because my new school keeps giving me homework

Thank you soooooooooooooo very much Catarina,

Here's a present to Catarina from me and Felix.

:egypt: :icecream: :pinky: :pinky: :angel4: :daisy: :flower: :girly2: :bubbly: :kitty5: :blubturq: :laughing2 :angel2: :homer: :blossom: :flash: :mimouse: :girly1:
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Dear Princess KittyLove :angel2:

:WOW WOW WOW WOW...Thanks for all the jumpin smilies :laughing2 I love those little guys!

It was my pleasure to put Felix up here, and I for one used to have a kitty named Zappa that was a black kitty also, boy he was gooooooorgeous too! :laughing2...That makes 4...(does "used to" count?") LOL....

I apologize for not answering sooner, as I have been unable to get to the computer. If I have it was only for a few moments...the email is almost shocking! EEEEEEEEKS...Anyway, I do wish I was attending school with you rather than working so far from home...I am back here today and able to visit with my loved ones and to get on here for a little while and say hello

I love hearing from you and your MUM

By the way, that was a beautiful picture you sent me Jenna!!!! I loved that horse!!!

Love Always,

Wild kitties!:laughing2 :laughing2
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What a handsome guy!

My foster kitty, Prince, is a look-alike, but he's smaller I think. That's 5.
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Dear Jackie and Jenna,
Your Felix is an adorable gentleman
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Dear Michelle and Billie thank you very much.At the moment Felix is lying on the lawn,even though the sun is'nt out,he just loves lying in grass.He is funny,he will even lie on wet muddy grass and wash himself at the same time :LOL:
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Felix also looks just like our Blackie!

Are all black cats so big? Blackie is a bit chubby, but he was easily twice the size of his mother and bigger than any of the other kittens in the litter, so at least some of it is "big bones".

My favorite thing is that his nose and the pads on his feet are also black, not pink like other colors!
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Jackie and Jenna, Felix is beautiful!
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