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kittens and teeth

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Got a tom kitten now about 5 months of age. Noticed he has double set of cannines. Is he just growing his adult teeth or what? When do kittens start getting adult teeth. I am estimating his age. He was a small kitten about 8 weeks old I thought when I found him on side of road. Yes I stop and pick up abandoned kittens. But he could have been underfed. He certainly isnt little now an looks to be a big Tom when grown. Bigger than my other cat already but she is a small breed I think. I am having him neutered and vet said I had to wait til he was 6 months. So growing adult teeth might be a way of gettin a better idea of age. If thats what he is doing?
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Sounds like your kitties permanent teeth are coming in. Nothing to worry about. Good for you - taking in stray cats.
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Yeah, teeth are usually the way they estimate the age. It sounds like his adult teeth really are coming in. They usually loose the baby teeth between 4 and 6 months. Now days, most vets are neutering males at 4 months. I had my persian done for breeding reasons, but my females I wait until they are 6 months. Just watch out, cuz it really hurts if you happen to step on the teeth that fall out..
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