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Now two kittens are missing....

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One of our feral cats had three kittens about 4 weeks ago. One of them went missing about a week ago- I mentioned it in my post in the Rainbow Bridge (My poor Butterscotch) section. Well, that kitten was never found. Now another one is missing! I don't know what to do..... Should I take the last kitten away from the mother? She is nursing this last kitten in a box near our porch and with luck I will be able to get it. I don't know what is going on.... Could it be one of the other ferals attacking them? Would she do anything to them herself? Has anyone experienced anything like this? We have had a feral colony for over two years now and nothing like this has ever happened. Any advice will certainly be appreciated.

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I am afraid that this is fairly normal in a feral's life. It is really the survival of the fittest, and small kittens are easily preyed upon by intact males and other predators.

The best thing would be to bring both mom and kitten inside, and keep them secluded until the kitten is weaned and then spay mom and re-release her if she hasn't adapted to living inside by then.

If you take the kitten away from mom, you will throw her deep into mourning, and it will be on your shoulders to raise the kitten from the bottle (depending on how old the kitten is) plus mom won't be around to show the kitten how to hunt, how to survive, or even to show her litter pan habits.
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I am not happy with survival of the fittest right now! I guess we have always been lucky with any kittens that were born out there. Five of our indoor cats are former ferals. I will take your advice and try to catch the mama. It won't be easy as she has been impossible to catch so far. She is one of three cats we have left to spay/neuter than we are done with the colony.
Keep your fingers crossed.

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The best way to trap a feral cat that won't go in a trap is to use cat litter. Put the litter in the trap up to the trigger, they walk across the litter so much easier than they do when they can feel the metal under their pads.

I understand your frustration about the survival of the fittest, but when the cats breed freely in the outside world, diseases are easily passed. Mom could have taken her kittens off knowing that something was wrong with them in order to guarantee the survival or her healthy family. You just never know-
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Good luck with the mom-cat and kitten Jil. You have had some great advice from hissy. Please let us know how it all goes.
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That happens a lot to me too. In my case, it's either they die, the mama abandons them because they're too weak and sickly, or because the janitors or the students throw them away as if these feral kittens do not have enough trouble with disease, malnutrition and the weather, they have to watch out for bad people as well

I am not happy with survival of the fittest as well. But it's like, a fact of life. I can't sleep, worrying -- what on earth has happened to the kittens this time? I just ask God to watch over them, wherever they are.

'Tis a bitter pill we have to swallow.

P.S. I just had to edit my siggy. 2ndFloorCat and her two kittens..
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Just a quick note to let you all know that we found the missing kitty. She was soaked to the bones but with her mama. I think maybe her mama was in the middle of moving the two of them and then it started to rain heavily.We still never found the first missing kitten but at least the second one is back. Now...... to Get the Mama and the two of them in a trap!

Mamam- I am just like you! I can't sleep if one is missing either. I do counts of the feral bunch twice a day. I am a horrible trapper too. One mew while they are in the trap and I am in tears. I know it is only for a little while and that makes it better. Anyway just wanted to share a little good news.

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JIL....I think you are GREAT. Just think of the people that aren't doing ANYTHING. At least you care and you are doing something to improve these cats lives....good or horrid trapper...you are helping!! And for that...I thank you.

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Survival of the fittest is a bitter pill to take!

And JIL: when your heart breaks when they are in the trap and crying, I want you to think about a story that I heard on another forum. A woman was feeding a feral boy for about a year and finally got up the nerve to trap him. He had tamed enough to come into her house but she was mortified about the stress that he would face in a trap or cage. After a month of counseling on our part, she couldn't bring herself to trap him. And after a year of hanging by her house, he just disappeared one day and has been gone for 2 months now. She is even more mortified now than when she was trying to get the courage to trap.

You are doing a wonderful thing for these babies! Stay strong!!
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You have the strength to see this through.......remember the bigger picture. You are saving these kitties and for that, we all praise your efforts! You must be a warm, wonderful person to care. Please keep updated!

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Jil it is so lovely that you care. Good news about the kitten turning up Keep us informed and let us know how they get on.
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I'm so glad the second kitty turned up! Using litter, as Hissy suggested, in combination with a really stinky fish in the trap, like kippered herring, should help! Sending LOTS of good luck vibes! BTW - how's it going?

And THANK YOU for being these kitties angel!!!!!!!!!
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