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Hello. I am new to this board. My kitty has been sick since Monday night, the vet has been trying everything. Her fever finally came down today and I was told we could take her home and then bring her back in the morning. When I got her home I quickly discovered that she is blind and she is draging her back legs. I think she may have Toxoplasmosis. That is one of the things the vet said she may have. She is also pregnant. Has anyone ever had a cat that had this disease? Will I have to put her to sleep? I am taking her back to the vet tomorrow and I guess they may do a spinal tap. She is less than 1 year old.
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I have never had a cat with Toxoplasmosis, but I can tell you a little bit about it.

Toxoplasmosis is an infectious disease caused by a one-celled parasite called Toxoplasma gondii. It is a common parasite of cats throughout the world, but other species can become infected as well. The cat is unique because the organism must pass through cats, and only cats, in order to complete all of life cycle stages.

Cats usually become infected by eating rodents, some types of insects, and/or undercooked meat. Cats who go outdoors have an increased risk of becoming infected, but indoor cats can get it too.

In cats, the most common symptoms include changes in the eyes (inflammatory), respiratory, liver and central nervous system problems along with signs of pneumonia, jaundice (yellow coloring of skin, tissues and bodily fluids), or seizures.

Clindamycin hydrochloride is a common drug used to treat cats with toxoplasmosis. Most cats start to show signs of improvement in about 2-3 days after on the antibiotic. But infections that involve the eyes or central nervous system are more difficult to treat, but not impossible. Unfortunately, there is no proof that the drug will completely remove the organism from the cat’s body, but better results are usually achieved if the antibiotics are continued for four weeks or longer.

Cats that are negative for feline leukemia and FIV, and is getting better with medicine are usually fine. Unfortunately, cats with immune system disorders like feline leukemia or FIV, show advanced stages of the disease, or show central nervous system problems/infection have a harder time making a full recovery. I'm not sure if pregnancy will play any part in the recovery. You might check with the doctor to know more.

I hope your your kitty will start to feel better soon. There's still hope if it is toxoplasmosis even with the seriousness of your situation. I hope I helped to share a little bit more about the disease so you have a better understanding. I'm sure your veterinarian will everything possible for your kitty. Best wishes to you and your little girl.
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Violet, instead of waiting until tomorrow, you should take your cat back to the vet ASAP. The earlier she is treated for whatever is going on with her, the better the results may be. Please take her to the vet now.
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I just wanted to metion that Toxoplasmosis is contagious to humans as well.
Violet- If your kitty does have toxo you should take extra precautions to avoid exposure. Toxo is spread through the fecal oral route so you should wear gloves when scooping her litterbox and wash your hands really well after. Keep her litter away from any food prep or eating areas and don't let her walk on your kitchen counters... Most healthy people that are exposed to toxo fight it off and only have some mild flu-like symptoms. Any person that has a compromised immune system though (like HIV or people receiving chemo treatments) will be affected much more seriously. Pregnant women should never be exposed to toxo as it can have serious effects on the fetus. Most "cat people" have already been exposed to toxo and have develped antibodies to it so they are relatively safe.
Violet- since your cat is pregnant she is also has a compromised immune system. Being infected with toxo while pregnant is very serious and will likely affect her kittens. She should go to the vet ASAP.
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