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What is your favorite?

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Everyone has a soft spot for one special kind of cat. Tabby, Orange, Calico, etc. What is your favorite that just makes you melt when you see them?

My favorite is kind of obvious I think if you look at my sig I really love the tabby and whites. Theyre not so flashy as some, but they always warm my heart and I seem to flock to them more.
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My soft spot are the red/white cats they make my heart melt Right next to the red/white cat come the calico cat , awww they are to pretty .

But then I love all cats no matter what colours they have
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Siamese.......and a close runner up goes to tuxedoes!!
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Persians...make my heart go pitter-patter.
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Oh I couldn't pick a specific breed, I love all cats. But then again, deaf cats have a special place in my heart, after meeting Kahu
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Siamese !!
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black cats - I just cant get enough of black cats
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Ragdolls, now that I have Luna, lol. Although, I'll also have a soft spot for Tonkinese, my mother bred them while I was growing up, so I got really attached to that breed.
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I like the furry kind

But really, I've always wanted a Birman. They're my dream cat! One of these days I'll get one.
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I really love all kinds of cats, but I have a soft spot for yellow tabbies, and white kitties, of course like my Lily! And I love black kitties, like my Princess! And calico... I just love all kinds of kitties! Ooh, I like this one, too:
Oh I just love all kitties!
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Are we talking breed or colours ??? Or both ???
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Originally Posted by PurrfectCatlove
Are we talking breed or colours ??? Or both ???
either I thought
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I love tuxedo kitties.. I dont know why.. I just love the way it looks..

though my kitty now is bengalian(sp?) I believe.. and he's beautiful too. I really wish I could have one of both.
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Awww everyone loves the Siamese. Since my baby is a Siamese I have to agree

Although if I was to pick a breed that I dont own.. I like orange kitties and grey ones with white paws too!
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my all time favorite cat is a black leopard. Does that count? second runner up is chocolate point siamese thats whta my cocoa is
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I don't have a favourite, so i think all cats are pretty

When i got Rosie she was described over the telephone and i said there and then that i wanted her before i even saw her.

Sophie was described by e-mail from my friend Emma, and again i hadn't seen her until Emma posted a pic by e-mail a couple of days before i was due to pick her up.
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I think they were made for you - seriously - how else would they both of got the same smudges on their noses???
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Big gray boy kitties.
Orange marmalade (ginger) kitties
Black and white (Tuxedo) kitties

Heck, I love 'em all!!!!!!!!!!!
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i adore orange tabby kitties.. any orange kitty could get me to drop everything i was doing to pay attention to him/her. kinda funny though - i have never owned an orange kitty
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Danielle, i couldn't believe it either!. When Emma said she had a smudge on her nose like Rosie i never imagined it to be in the same position
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I could write a long list of my favourites, but they would probably include every cat going. My very, very favourite is any black cat.
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Danielle, i couldn't believe it either!. When Emma said she had a smudge on her nose like Rosie i never imagined it to be in the same position
not only in the same position - but the same shape!!!! they even get larger at the same place!!
see they were MADE for you
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Well, I'm going to sound like everyone else. I just love them all. I can't pic a favorite out of my 3 pictured on my sig, but I will say I prefer shorthair, for no other reason than the shedding. But I guarantee, I'd never turn ANY kitty away, be it long, short or bald. Just love them all!
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Black dsh. I love Black DSH's. Probably cause that's what Bobo was. But I am warming up to the maine coon. I just love the little tufts of fur between Grissom's toes, and the ruff around his neck!
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When/if I get a second cat I would love to have a calico, but the personality is more important than the breed or colour. Of course I love the Russian Blue breed also, but that's a given because of the perfect mix of beauty and personality in one package!

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Persians. But I'd love an Egyptian Mau! I don't think anyone on this site does have 1??

But I love Van cats-
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I LOVE orange tabbies.
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My favorite color is the silver tabby or silver tabby/white. My Cleo who had feline lukemia (sp), was a silver tabby/white.
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I do honestly love all cats regardless of what color or breed they are! It's amazing the warmth I feel when I see a cat whether it's my furkids or someone elses. Another ironic thing is that I have not met a cat that doesn't like me. I must give off some kind of safe vibe to them & they come right up to me! I've even had friends who have cats that are temporamental or moody & they claim they never have anything to do with strangers...but me!
Maybe I was a cat in a past life or something!
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