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Just trying something................

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I am not sure this will work, but I got my pictures back, and had them put on a disk, and out of two sets of pictures, only one of the disks had any pictures on them, so I have sent the other one back, they should send it back by the end of the week, WITH pictures on it, LOL, it had so many good ones of Merlin on it, but I at least got one disk, from the one set of pictures, and I have transfered them onto my computer..so now I want to try and see if I can post them....I will start with one of Merlin....

Nope, isn't working... it says the image is too big, how can I make then smaller??????
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Debby, you need to put the pics into a photo program and then fool with them there. It depends on which program you have to how you can shrink the pics. I have Print Shop 10, and also EZ Photo that allows me to do this. Good luck
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I have no idea how to put my pics into a photo program, let alone fool with them. I guess I will just have to e-mail them to someone to sumbit for me. Thanks for the advice Hissy.
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LOL Debby, you really need to learn these things. It's actually pretty fun. I have made some neat 8x10's out of photos and things. You can shrink them, make them bigger, add backgrounds and so much more. One of these days I am going to attempt to get them all in one picture.
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Debby I can do that for you if you want.
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Sandie....maybe some time you can teach me how to do that?

Dodo (Seda) thank you for the offer....I think I will wait now, till I get the other disk back, with the rest of the pictures on it, and then I will have you, or someone post them for me....I really appreciate the offer!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!
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Debby I,m the same, I will have to go to night-school.Catarina very kindly put some pictures of Felix on the site,otherwise poor Felix would have been waiting ages for his bit of fame

I,ll look forward to seeing pictures of Merlin soon
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