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Tiki has PKD

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Tiki & I just got back from her Ultrasound and we heard some bad news. Unfortunately she has PKD & now we're in route for a long term treatment. I am not familiar with this disease at all, but got the jist of it from Dr. Bryan. He's been very optimistic about it all & claims that we can survive this battle. He is going to do some research & call me later with our plan of action. Obviously a food change will be a must along with medication. He did say that he just got a study from some researchers claiming that Sam-e helps tremendiously with this disease & we'll be starting that this evening. Dr. Bryan also said that she does have a mild form of this and was probably born with this condition. Unfortunately there isn't a cure but with treatment she can still live a very happy life.

I do believe we have a couple members on here that have kitties with this & would like to know more about how they've dealt with this. Also, any info on this disease is welcome!

Thanks in advance!
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I am so sorry to read this and my heart is going out to you

I think mzjazzu2 has one girl with PKD and if I remember corectly she has something on her site to read . I am sure if she see this thread she will join in .
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I am sorry to hear this.

There are a few websites for PKD that might help: (This is the PKD yahoo group.)

From my understanding with Furball's PKD, PKD will eventually cause Chronic Renal Failure. Websites for a better understanding of CRF are the following: (This is the CRF yahoo group. They are wonderful and will help you with whatever this disease throws your way.)

I wish you all the best in fighting this disease. Please keep us updated on your sweet Tiki.
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Thank you both! I really appreciate it!

Thanks so much for all the links!
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Also starlight's new mom Otisbird has a persian with it- you might want to email her and talk to her?

I am sorry to hear about Tiki- real sorry
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I am so sorry I have no additional links, since all the ones I found or thought of (re crf) were already posted for you! If it ever becomes an issue of crf as well, I can share what I've learned over the past 2 years with Patrick.

Wishing Tiki many more years with you,
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Thank you all so much!
MA, I knew there were a couple members including Tammie, but I couldn't remember who the other one was! I'll definitely be in touch with both Tammie & Debi!

Thanks again everyone!
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Shell and Tiki I am so sorry to hear that the beautiful Tiki is not well I don't really know anything about PKD but I did want to let you and her know that I am thinking about you both.
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Shell I am so sorry to hear about your sweet Tiki She will be in my prayers that she responds well to the treatment and is able to be as happy and healthy as possible
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My prayers and vibes and good thoughts will be sent to Tiki that she responds well to the treatments and some for You and cutie Echo too.
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awwwwww Shell & Tiki - I am soooooooo very very sorry to hear this news. Although I dont have any more information to share with you I just wanted to know that my thoughts are with you both at this time.

*HUGS* to both of you.

Tiki - be brave & be strong - we all love you and are thinking of you!!
(actually that goes out to you as well shell!!! I know you have the strength to deal with anything that is thrown your way right now - and if you need - you know where to find us all!!!)
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Thank you all so much! You've all brought tears to my eyes! It's a wonderful feeling to know that I have so many people out there who are here for me when I (or my girls) need them!
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I'm sorry Shell for the diagnosis but I really do hope that Tiki will respond to the treatments.
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Aww Shell sorry to hear this. Although I know of many Persians who have lived extremely healthy and happy lives that have PKD. I'm against PKD testing, but I wont go into details here.

Good luck to the beautiful Tiki!
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Oh Shell, I'm so sorry to learn this. This must be so difficult for you to be suddenly faced with this. I am praying for your sweet Tiki that she will pull through this triumphantly and be restored to perfect health. You are also in my prayers, Shell that you will feel peace and have the wisdom to make the best choices in her plan of care as she returns to health. Please keep us updated on every detail of her progress. We are here anytime you need to talk.
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My 10 1/2 year old Bibby- the Blue point in my signature has PKD so I can understand how you feel.
I adopted her when she was 8 and found out about the PKD a few months later- I was devastated.
Her kidney function was high normal at the time- came down and has been stable over the last 2 1/2 years.
The vets told me should go downhill within weeks or live a normal lifespan. They have not advised me to change her diet yet- and from my extensive reading there is little that is proven out there to stop the progression of PKD apart from controlling other health problems - and controlling symptoms associated with the disease.
I could ramble on- but Loverly7 has suggested some good sites and I strongly suggest you join the Yahoo email list associated with the site.
I've received some incredible support from that site- looks quiet at times but half the replies to me have been direct emails.
Because of how upset I was by bibby's diagnosis- when I chose a second Persian (my Cream Point) took great care to choose a responsible breeder that screened her breeding cats and desexed all even possibly PKD positive ones- Bibby's dam and Beau's parents came from the same cattery but are totally unrelated- mainly because of PKD and desexing the positive cats- so I should be spared the same heartache with Beau
My thoughts are with you- just spoil her- do what you can and hope she will stay healthy for years
Hugs and sympathies
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Hi, wanted to respond to your threat.

My first cat KeKe, who we had until last August, when he was put to rest at 18 1/2 years of age, was diagnosed with PKD when he was about 15.

I noticed he was urinating alot, and drinking lots of water, took him into the vet and that's what he had. She immediately put him on a low protein diet, I think it was Prescription, very bland, poor KeKe, but I saw immediate improvement in the urination, etc. I guess i had him on that for about 1 year, and then he started not eating it, at this point he was diabetic as well, so the last 2 years of his life I cooked him chicken, mostly thighs. He loved that. Anyway, at this stage of his life, he was about 16, I thought why not give him what he will eat and like, and he'll finish out his life happy. Well, we ended up having another 2 great years with him.

Perhaps his PKD didn't progress any further, because after that I didn't feel it necessary to be dragging him into the vet for something that couldn't really be treated other than a very strict diet.

By the way, did i mention that KeKe was a shaded cameo Persian, got him at a petstore in 1985, and for the first 9 years of his life he was NEVER sick or needed to go to the vet.

Anyway, I guess he had great genes. So, my point is (sorry this has gotten so long) is that Tiki may be like KeKe, it stabilized. I guess there are different degrees of it. I read alot about it on the web. Be optimistic that Tiki has many, many great years ahead.
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I don't have any experience with PKD, but just wanted to say I'm really sorry to hear that Tiki (and you!) are going through this... , and good luck, I'll be thinking of Tiki and hoping that she does well .
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I am so sorry to hear Tiki is ill
I'll be sending positive and good health vibes her way.
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Shell, I am sorry to hear about Tiki. She will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Shell darling . . . I hope Tiki keeping healthy and strong for many years to come. PKD is not a disease I have experience of, but you have some excellent help and support here that I've read and I'll be thinking of you both.

Loads of love.
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