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Queening Cages/Enclosures

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I've been trying to do a bit of informal research on what other breeders are using as a queening cage/enclosure. I understand that the double show cages make excellent queening cages, but would love to hear other ideas.

And ... if anyone has an extra queening cage or suitable alternative they would like to be rid of, I am interested in purchasing something along these lines.


Thanks in advance,

Gaye Flagg
Old Style Siamese Cattery
Ashland, VA
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Doubles make "o.k." queening pens, but I personally don't think it provides enough room.

After alot of research ourselves, we went with the Ultralight queening pens,
alittle pricey, but well worth it!

They come with a built in birthing pan, which all of our queens have used without a problem (we do put surgical draps in them though, for traction )

As well as a built in litter box for the little ones.

Since using this configuration, our kittens seem to learn to use the litter box earlier, eat solids earlier (I have no idea why), and there is a shelf that gives mom a place to go to get away from them.

We needed something slightly custom work on them, so I called them. Not only did I get precisely what I'd asked for, but they didn't even charge me.

It's all PVC (blow molded decks and birthing pans). The 1X2 wire mesh is powder coated, and let me tell ya, cleaning is a snap.
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Sounds great, do you have a link to a supplier or any pics?
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OK, maybe Swedes are mad but most Swedish breeders gives the queen and her kittens a whole room for themselves. Just a warm box for giving birth in and then a whole "play room" for them.
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