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Radio at night?

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Hi.... I was not sure where to put this posting....

I want Danielle to have some company at night. (yes I know another cat is good, but we don't have one).....

Is putting a radio on all night where she can hear it a good idea? She goes back and forth between our bedroom and the rest of the apartment.

Does that keep cats company?

Thanks for your thoughts....
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I am not really sure if it helps them or not. People always laugh at me because when I am not home, I leave the tv on for all the cats. I don't like things really quiet, so I would imagine they don't either. You can try leaving it on for her. Of course her night time habits could just be a part of the adjustment. Once she knows the routine like clockwork I bet she picks up another pattern.
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Sandie, thanks..

Actually, I don't know her nighttime habits. She leaves us alone to sleep. I just know she goes out of the bedroom at least part of the time, cause when I got up to go to the bathroom, she was in the hallway. But I feel so guilty...she is so used to us during the day, and then all of a sudden....we are inactive. I suppose she will get used to this, but I know she will be bored. I thought the radio might ease/comfort that.

PS>>she has toys out...but I know eventually she will get tired of those too..i have to rotate.
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When I first got Dani Night Stalker, she used to wake me every night by jumping on the bed and trying to nip at my arm or leg. One night I fell asleep with the TV on, the volume was low. I awoke during the night and saw Dani "watching" the TV. I believe she was drawn to the movements on the screen. So now I leave it on fairly frequently. A few nights I woke up and she was curled on the bed beside me, her head turned to the screen, eyes watching. She's not been very impressed with the radio but maybe it's not her style of music.

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Danielle likes "The Planet's Funniest Animals" on the Animal planet channel :LOL: :LOL:

I can't wait to take a picture of her standing up on her hind legs again with her paw outreached to the TV screen, intently watching.
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I leave the television on when I am not at home for my animals too. At night I don't have anything on, but as Sandie said she will develop a routine. I am betting it will involve moments of sleeping and hours of tearing around like an idiot. :laughing2

Tasha also likes to get up close to the creatures on the tv
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When I first got Dani Night Stalker, she would attack me during the night... literally. The little darling would launch herself across the room and head butt me in the arm or leg, trying to nip me through the covers. Sleeping under a comforter cushioned the blows but still... ouch. At that time I was letting her watch MASH during the day. I've since changed to the Animal Channel. She's stopped attacking too, but that's probably from the squirt of water she got.

JoJo and Dani Night Stalker
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Cats are nocturnal. It is normal for her to be up and about during the night. If she was in the hallway, it shows that she felt safe enough to not be hiding. Since there is so much going on for Danielle during the day, I would think she rather enjoys being able to have the place to herself at night. Gives her the opportunity to become familiar with her new home in a less threatening way. I, for one, don't think radio or tv is necessary. And I doubt she is bored.
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