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Did any TCS member watch the 1st season of DEADWOOD ? New western genre' series that just concluded on HBO. If so, post here or PM me; I would like to compare some findings/story plot thoughts with you. I know a lot of people did not watch it because of the "raw" language, but I found it to be very well acted and true to form for that period of our nation's history. Many times I watched each installment twice; so I could understand the dialogue and properly trace the story twists. I hope someone else followed it. I am eager to discuss it with you.
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I did! At first I t hought I wouldn't like it, but my husband wanted to watch, so we did. Boy I am glad we did!
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As with any HBO show, I failed to jump on it right away. Silly, because I am glued to the set for the Sopranos. Now, I will have to catch the repeats.
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