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Hey y'all...

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Hey y'all. As you can tell by the fact that I'm posting a new message here, I'm new to this site. I've lived with cats my whole life due to the fact that my family has always had at least two. Just recently however I was adopted by Sheba. Here's a little about me though...

I'm 20 and currently go to school down in Florida, but I spend my summers back home in Indiana. I'm a business major and have recently discovered that I really don't like business, which kind of causes a problem. Anyhow...

My dad had to spend some time out in California last fall. He had to leave all three of his cats at home. (They used to claim me, but that kind of ended when I left for school and he didn't want to give them up, so I let that battle go.) He lives by himself, due to the fact that my parents are divorced, and the cats are his constant companions. Well, while he was in SoCal he grew slightly attached to a little cat he saw in one of the pet stores. He went back three times to see her and finally gave in and bought her. He told me all about her and sent me pictures of her while I was at school. While visiting him over my fall break I fell in love the little cat. He called her Sheba.

In short, that's how she became part of the family, but this is how she became mine. Sheba is an ruddy Abyssinian. My dad wasn't prepared to handle an Aby. While he was away at the office during the day she would go into his room and take his socks to play with. She, like other cats, enjoyed putting them in her water dish and scattering them across the house. She liked to eat the butter when left out and do all the other things that cats do. He doesn't have the patience for that. So he said take her. I didn't argue.

Sheba has become my constant companion and I am 120% devoted to her. My boyfriend doesn't quite understand, but he's not really a cat person. Sheba is working on that. I think he'll come around. I have always had barn cats and have never had an actual purebred cat. I don't know if I could ever have anything other than an Aby now. She has more personality than any cat I've ever had. She has to be involved in everything that I do and really enjoys chasing my cursor across my computer screen. We're working on getting that one to stop. I love her and wouldn't give her up for anything.

Sorry for the length..
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Welcome to you and Sheba! She sounds like a darling little girl.
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Welcome to TCS! What is your name? I would love to see pics of Sheba!! If you need any help around here navigating the boards, please feel free to PM me or Cindy (KittenKrazy)! Have fun!
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My name is Erin. I'd love to put a picture up, but not completely sure how to do it. Computers aren't always my friend.
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Just read the post about posting photos. I'm working on it. I'm sure I'll get it figured out and hopefully have a picture for you soon.
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So I couldn't figure the pic thing out. No big surprise. Here's a link though.


It's one of the only pictures that I have on my computer right now, but I'm working on that one too.
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to TCS.
Erin I can't see any photos from that link, but it may be my computer. Hope you enjoy yourself here.
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Welcome to the site Erin. I'm afraid your link didn't work for me either. Still looking forward to seeing your cat.

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I think I finally got this picture thing figured out. Now I just have to figure out how to make them smaller.
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Aaaawww what a cutie your baby is
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Welcome to TCS.

Your kitty is beautiful.
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Sheba is stunning!!!

you have linked that through photobucket - if you go back into photobucket you can edit the picture and change the sizing to 25%, 50% or 75% - probably 50% is a good figure to use. Once you change the size in photobucket it will automatically update it here on the site... hope that helps ... if you need more help - just give one of the mentors a pm - they would love to help
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Thanx Huggles. You helped a lot. I think I'm finally getting the hang of this. And thanx to the rest of you too. This is a really great website and I'm excited about getting to know about you all and your babies.
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your welcome
if you can find some more pics we would love to see them
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