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The best cat toy??

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I would like to get suggestions of your cat's best cat toy. I done several posts about my Tommy. He is confined to garage there are windows but too high up- how would he get there with his three legs??

I don't know if he is bored its been 4 weeks since surgery and his routine has changed so much because of this.

I thought if I would have some toys for him it would help. Since he was a stray I don't think he ever played with toys; I've tried the round thing with the ball inside which my other cats love, fur mice, paper on a string tied to doorknob, a plastic ball with stuff inside. He shows no interse

Since he likes fresh catnip I thought maybe some catnip filled toy, the other cats liked "cat dancer" toy.

Plus the last couple of days he's been doing this dominance thing he wouldn't even come to me inside the garage this morning.

Maybe try the Feliway thing too-would it work in the garage being such a big area??
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Maybe catnip toys would help and yes you can see if Feliway works . Maybe he is depressed not to see anything from the outdoors , birds ect . Is there maybe a way you could place a cat tree for him to climp on and maybe reach the window a little to look outdoors and so he can see the bees and birds ect . I really don't know his history now to tell you the truth , but I can see for him missing the outdoors .
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I don't know how well he can climb beause it was one of his back legs that had been amputated.
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You will be surprised how well cats can manage to deal with things like that . He will run around and jump around in no time
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I can't call any one catnip toy the best, but these rank highly with my guys...Hot Cats catnip toys (very tough fabric, highly potent catnip used, long lasting catnip aroma), and KirbySticks - thin, long, very flexible catnip toys that my cats like to hold in their front paws and they give it a "bath" or bite at it.

I wish him a good recovery,
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