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I just read this on another forum and thought everyone would be interested. These are not my opinions, so don't blast me if there are things you disagree with.

This is cross posted with permission from Judi. She's in NY with her dog, an Irish Setter. Please cross post and get the word out to be careful who you send money to.

... First off, I AM BACK. I WILL post more later about our sleeping Giant. (NYC)
Here is information that I can bring from the Front Lines.

Apparently (after reading through about thirty emails on this tragedy)there is some confusion on what is needed and how to help.
Here is the Front Line info.

The presence of the USHS is very prominent. Their representatives are there NOT to help us in caring for our dogs.........which in MY opinion should be a big part of what they are for........
They are there to REPORT on the conditions under which we work our dogs. (In my opinion they are there to criticize how we treat our dogs. When
they only see the tiniest part of our dogs lives.)

We are almost all of the same thoughts about this. (the active search teams) We will in all likeliness never see that money ourselves,
I understand companies have donated products such as booties WHICH ARE NEEDED.

40 Pairs of Muttluks were delivered in the names of Sue Burnham (IS) David Buzzel (Working Collie Assoc.) Marcia Callerns (pvt) Donald Bayly
(we can guess who he is) Greyson industries (pvt) Mackell, Dyer and Haupt law firm MI.) On behalf of all the supporting agencies we thank you.
Copper's Muttluks were worn but still very useable so I did not take my pair, as there will be others who will need them. I may need them in round two.
There is promise of more.

Money donated should go to the City Offices address that has been posted
New York City Offices
c/o search and response (K-9)
61 Chambers St. New York, NY 10007

OR supplies could be sent if your state's National Guard is sending responders directly to the scene.

Info on the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
This is ONE individual search dog faction located in Calif.
Right now they do not even have a presence in NYC. They have only 6 dogs in their foundation, all of which are well equipt. I believe that they also get funding from United Way. Any funding sent to them at their Calif address will be applied to
keeping up search classes and paying for seminars and training exercises. I am not sure if individual handlers get any funds from a pool or not. THEY indicate that the members make their own equipment purchases. I am not undermining their cause, but informing list members that money
sent to this organization funds this organization ONLY and not the whole SAR K-9 efforts in NYC.

I would not advise sending money to HSUS and be aware that PETA is there as well. I'm sure that they are using this advantage to ask for funds.
They are using their efforts NOT to make sure that the animals are ethically treated (as their name suggests) They are fighting the domineering Search and rescue K-9 handlers for forcing these
"magnificent animals" into hazardous and even life threatening situations. (Like we too are not there by their sides) I have no doubt that they will share in funds from HSUS.

Things that ARE NEEDED:
Bandages and vet wrap. Some are using this to wrap dogs legs so they don't get scraped up, bandaging long ears. (two cockers !!! yes American Cocker Spaniels with ears shaved but also wrapped.
We don't really like to use Red Cross services or hospitals services for things like blisters and general scrapes bandaids are useful and dressings antibiotic ointments, etc. Ours ran dangerously low.

ANY electrolyte solutions for the DOGS. (Some for people too wouldn't hurt.)

I left a box and a half of Zukes Power Bones Dog energy bars but donations of more wouldn't hurt.
Again.......if there are any search teams going to this area, send items with them as they will get there sooner. Not just K-9 search but Fire Dept, Urban search and disaster search groups can all transport into that area.

TRASH BAGS! for personal trash...The RATS are incredible in the rubble area now...something I never anticipated...(there is always more to learn)

WE DO appreciate every effort that is made on our behalf. and Thank-you for everyone that has helped out with phone calls to corporate entities, support funding and all the emotional support too.
Judi Bayly And Copper
Boston Urban Search and Rescue Task Force
Massachussetts Urban Search & Rescue Task Force (MA-TF1) NYC WTC Debris Search Team