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Hey everyone Iam new here!

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undefinedHello Iam new to the site I just thought I would introduce my self. My name is Trish at the moment I have 2 very cute kittens they are both male. My first one is black his name is Link my second I got him the other day my husband found him at a job site. He had no home and was hungry so now hes mine and I love to know that we may have saved his life Makes me feel great his name is ganon and hes all white. Well thats me Iam very happy to be part of this site and hope to chat make friends with other cat lovers and get great advice if I need it.
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Welcome to TCS Trish, Link and Ganon! So happy youo've joined us and I look forward to getting to know you better! How wonderful of you to save Ganon! Would love to see pictures of your family!
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Welcome to TCS!
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Hi and Welcome
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Hi Trish and Welcome!!!
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good on you for taking ganon in and giving him a home full of love (and a playmate for link )

we love pictures - so if you can post any that would be awesome....

oh and btw - I just adore black kitties as you can see in my signature I have one too
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Welcome to the site Trish! Thank you for taking little Ganon into your heart and home. I'm sure both he and Link are happy to have a friend and a family.
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Welcome to TCS Trish! I am so happy you did what you did for Ganon! Can't wait too see some pics of your babies! If you need help navigating the boards, please feel free to PM me or KittenKrazy (Cindy)! Have fun!
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to TCS. Looking forward to reading more posts from you.
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Welcome to TCS.

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We look forward to hearing from you
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Here's a big Welcome to you, Link, and Ganon!
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Welcome to TCS.
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