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Update On Manx And Bosco

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Ever since Manx and Bosco escaped I have been terrified of the window being open in the bathroom. I put a fan and strapped it to the window to blow fresh air in... I even find myself peeking on the fan for no reason once in a while paranoid it will be knocked aside by kitties.

Manx came to me a day after the escape. She was lightly limping, but the vet said she seemed fine. Her kittens were also fine, born just three days ago. She roosts in her plastic litter box full of old kitchen rags and some torn up tee shirts. She gave birth to four healthy kittens, three girls and a boy. She is a calico colored Manx, and her three pretty girls are with full tails, but her little boy has just a bunny tail like her. He looks absolutely kissable. I have been feeding Manx Iams with Iams kitten food. She is picky since I started feeding her after winter, so she can't go a day without a can of the wet stuff, and I spoil her with it. Shame on me.

Bosco I was worried about because he still came around for food, but he would not come to me. Although we were just as close before, he was to manly and orange to want me. I could not get him to trap again, so I am giving him till mid-July before I attempt trapping again. He is neutered, so I doubt he can get in much trouble. But it is sad seeing him without his buddy Manx.

My other cats hiss after I leave the bathroom with Manx. I wash good, but they still smell her on me and hiss in jealousy. For the first few nights my babies Caesar and Sakura would not come sleep in bed with us, and that is rare. Kiara didn't mind though and laid above my head on the pillow.

Caesar camps the bathroom door which terrifies me. He is a neutered male, but I wanted to ask if I should send him away for a while. Will he murder the kittens first chance he has? Caesar is not agressive, and loves new kitties, but would he naturally maul them?
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I cant really answer the questions about Ceaser and the babies but I believe I did read on here that a male cat will try to get to the female no matter what is in its path - but I wouldnt worry - I really dont have any idea - someone will post that does know.

Good luck in trapping Bosco and I am sure your kitties will calm down over time - its just a shock to them I am sure and its only natural for them to hiss a little...

my thoughts are with you
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Charles, unfortunately I don't know the answer to your question either, but I'm going to PM someone who may know.

We have a multi-cat household, and we've fostered... and even when in the bathroom, a new cat in the house will upset the routine of others. I think this is pretty normal. I haven't been able to log on to TCS the past few days - I think they're probably back sleeping with you by now? Sometimes it can take a few weeks, but if Manx and her babies are in the bathroom and not out and about, the disruption to normal routine will probably be less time.

I'm so glad Bosco's back and OK! I may not remember the story well enough - if he's already been neutered, why does he need to be trapped again?
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