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Americans attacking Americans

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I am finding it very disturbing that Americans are killing Americans in wake of this tragedy. There have been so many attacks against Islamic Americans that it is making me sick to my stomache. It's not just the Islamic Americans, it's the Americans that other Americans think "look" like the Islamic Americans. I just don't understand this! Maybe he already has and I just missed it, but I wish Bush would make a speach against these attacks that are occuring nationwide. I don't know if someone already made a post about this, I haven't been on here the past couple of days. I've had way too much to deal with this and how it is affecting my family.

I also wanted to say thanks to AP for posting the article written by Tamim in San Francisco. I copied and e-mailed that to several people and got a "Thank You" from someone I e-mailed it too. They said it really taught them something. It really put things in perspective for me too AP.
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I've posted a lot of things in the past week, but I don't think I can take credit for that one. I can't remember who did post it.
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Oh, sorry. I was reading so many of your articles that I thought it was yours. Thank You to whoever posted it!

I just went and looked through the old posts and found it was Sandie -Thank You!
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I think it was Sandie who posted it
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sfell, I too am horrified by the attacks on people who look like they may be from the Middle East. What is wrong with these violent jerks? We didn't start attacking white red necks after the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building becuase we knew Timothy McVeigh was not the typical red neck. So why can't we recognize that most persons with dark skin and hair #1 probably aren't from the Middle East and, more importantly, do not believe in terrorism or the horrendous act perpetrated by these evil fanatics. Do all Americans think and act alike? No?....Then why do some ignorant fools think all Middle Easterners or Muslims think and act alike?! Grrrrrr.
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I respectfully disagree. If we continue to ignore the violence, it will surely escalate. Also, turning a blind-eye to the violence and prejudice won't help. Just look at what we did to the Japanese in WWII. We blamed thousands of innocent people for the acts of persons far away. I would argue that we cannot allow the violence to continue and that the only way to end the violence is to make everyone aware of it and why it is wrong.

While the egging of a person pales in comparison to the terrorist attacks I think the family of the Indian man who was murdered yesterday would argue that what happened to their father/husband/grandfather was just as painful and just as wrong as what happened to the family members of those killed in NY and DC.

Just my opinion and no offence was intended or taken.
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I completely understand what you are saying. I just feel they should be left alone and leave it to the authorities to seek out those who are responsible and who are supporters. I have faith that the authorities will do this.
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I was reading in the paper that an Arab-American, who ownes his own gas station in Chicago was shot at. The individual was arrested. The Arab-American is an American born in Yonkers. Never even been to the middle east. Unfortunately we have some ignorant people.

President Bush, and his staff did make a statement asking that there be no retaliation against Arab-Americans. Saying that they love the American Flag as much as everybody else.

What happened during WWII, was a mistake America made. We accepted that mistake. If we as a country can't learn from our mistakes and not repeat them... Well, than shame on us!!
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I received a good email thismorning that I would like to post in this thread - but it is too big and I don't have the facilities to shrink it on this computer - could anyone do it for me please?
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The same thing has been happening here. In fact an Islamic's home was burned. The violence has to stop. It is wrong to attack innocent people because they happen to be from the same area of the world.
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I must agree with TipTop on this issue. I happen to live next door to a family of Muslims and when I came home at noon Wednesday, these people were blaring the news report on their radio, OUTSIDE, and dancing and celebrating! Did I want to spit on them? Damn Right I Did! These people are not GOOD AMERICANS! If they are so concerned about having their own culture, why are they here? Our culture is AMERICAN and if they don't like it, they can leave!
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Oh my gosh! I can't believe your neighbors were doing such a disgusting thing . Did you report them to the authorities? If you didn't maybe you should just so they know and can keep an eye on them. From what I understand, the F.B.I. keeps a list of these types of individuals.
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Krazy Kat, just remember that your neighbors are individuals...they do not represent all muslims. Think of Timothy McVeigh and all of his crazy followers....just because he was white, Christian, and born in the USA does not mean that all white, Christian, US citizens think we should blow up government buildings. And...there were jerks who celebrated what McVeigh did, but that still doesn't mean all white American Christians believe in what McVeigh did.
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No, I didn't report them to the authorities, even though I thought about it. I am now wondering if I should have. They seem to have cleared out. The woman and children are black and the man appears to be of middle eastern descent. They didn't really seem dangerous, just ignorant sheep. I don't care if they are green if they are decent neighbors, but they aren't. I wonder where they went.
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That's kind of creepy that they disappeared! I heard about some other suspects who disappeared....they didn't even take their clothing with them. Hmmmmmmm, I wonder what's going on!
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