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New Kitties

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My family just adopted two kittens, 5 weeks old. They are siblings (not sure what they are yet) and adjusting very well. My son wanted the black one and I wanted to get the "runt". We couldn't agree, so we got both. Here's the kicker...I'm allergic to cats like you wouldn't believe. My throat swells, my lungs ache, and my eyes swell shut and itch. The things we do for some sweet kitties and our kids ! I've started to give them baths already and the black one LOVES them! They've only had one at this point, but Blackie follows me in the bathroom everytime I go. Stinker isn't sure about the baths, but doesn't fight it.
Here's the prob....today all of the sudden, Stinker has diarreah I am just starting to go over websites to find out why, but if anyone has any ideas, I'm very open to them!

New Kitty Mommy to Blackie and Stinker
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Welcome to the site! I'll move this to Health & Nutrition where someone can help you.
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Diarrhea at this age is a concern- kittens can dehydrate quickly. The diarrhea can be caused by improper food or formula- are you giving them cow's milk? If so, don't as this can cause diarrhea and stomach upset. Parasites, giardia,coccidia, all these can cause diarrhea plus it could be something even more serious

Have the kittens been to a vet? If not, please take them in- here is a website that will help you to treat diarrhea until you get the kitten seen

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5 weeks of age is a tad young for them to be away from their momma ... and as Hissy has already mentioned, "poopy butt" (as it is called in our house) is a concern for ones so young. A vet visit is in order here to rule out any baddies, but my gut feeling is that you are probably feeding them things to which they are not accustomed - this will cause the problem. Your vet can tell you for sure.

Best of luck with your allergies. Have you tried some of the newer allergy meds ... Claritan or Alavert? I am not familiar with them at all, luckily I do not have allergies like that, but am interested in what helps others.

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Good luck with your kitties!

As a fellow allergy sufferer, I can relate to your problems. Though I am not allergic to kitties, I am allergic to everything else! There are a wide range of oral allergy medications available, perhaps you could try some of them to see which one works best for you. You could also try a nose spray, there are a wide variety of choices there too. There is also the possibility of shots, which my insurance covers, and it will decrease your sensitivity to allergens over time. There are also allergy eye meds, though I can't stand to put any drops in my eyes, so I can't say how well they work. There are so many treatments for allergies that hopefully you can find something to make you feel better, so you snuggle your babies and breathe too! Best of luck to you!
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Dear newkittymommy,
Perhaps Stinker is only living up to his name? ducks and runs*

Welcome to the site! I do hope your little one gets to feeling better soon. And please follow all of the professional advice given because these folks know cats.

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