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Hi all....... My name is Amy and I am new here. Just wanted to say hello and let you know why I am here. I have a 5 yo DLH neutered, declawed cat. His name is Bogy. He is the king of the house and knows it. He has been an only cat for his whole life. However, he could care less about anything else that breathes. LOL he just gets along with everyone and anything including my birds. However, I would not trust that totally.

Anyway, my boyfriend has a ittty bitty 1yo f/m not spayed or declawed. She gets into everything. Including my curtains that I just spent a fortune on. I love her to death, but I have to tel you. All the cats I have had in the past, I have taught them manners. Well, to make a long stroy short... Miss Kitty wants no part of it. She is the wild child.

She bites.. scratches...climbs anything that is above the floor level. She sits on top of the bird cage with a Chesire grin from ear to ear.. knowing that she is scaring the daylights out of my birds. I have tried everything to no avail.

To sum it all up in one word.... HELP!!!

Thanks in advance.....

Amy and gang
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Please don't declaw the new cat- see this link for some ideas on how to redirect that kitty play- because that is all it is:


Plus if you get the 1 year old spayed, it is time, that will mellow her as well
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Best thing to do for Miss Kitty is to get her spayed. That will calm her down immensely.

Please don't declaw her, especially at over 1 year old - it would be a horrible experience for her at that age. My vet won't ever declaw a cat over a year for any reason.
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