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I am not mourning Jake as much as I used to. I will miss him but it is time to move on. So over the past week I've been trying to get a new cat. After thinking about it long enough, I have decided to get two. It will be much easier that way. Although I would love to adopt an animal from the shelter or humane society, they usually charge between $50 to $70 per cat. I do like the fact that all animals are neutered. So I usually look in the classified ads and I see kittens for sale for $5 to $10 each. so I could get two. And I would love to get a full grown cat, but since I am getting two, I have thought about getting the kittens from the same litter to avoid aggresive confrontations. Any suggestions?

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Getting kitties from a shelter is a loving idea, and allows them to take in more that are waiting on the list. To get two small kittens from any litter would work, depending on age. They will tussle and growl at each other until they determine who the Alpha kitty will be then peace will reign....Thank you for doing this....
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