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Suggestions for my site...

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First..let me say that I am a novice when it comes to webdesign so be kind...I would really like to know what people think of my rescue pages:

Are there any changes I should make...any additional information I should provide? Any suggestions are appreciated.

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I'm not an expert on creating websites but inconsistent navigation from one page to the next and cluttered information seem to be what caught my eye. You seem to have plenty of useful information, but if the information isn't easy to read or the user easily gets "lost" in the website (and can't find their way back), I think people will tend not to read your information no matter how valuable it is.

What program are you using to create your website? I just learned how to use Microsoft FrontPage. That's what I used to create a website (based around my cat, Charlotte).
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I'm not using a program....I am doing this all on my own. As far as it being "cluttered" much as I appreciate doesn't help to improve things...cluttered how?

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Well I really don't know anything about websites , to tell you the true's .
I had a problem going back to the original site at one link in the last posted link . The 3 links whith the white background , I think could have a little colour . Maybe something mellow , I really don't know how to say it the corect way . I like the one with the soft yellow background and it want to make me stay longer there , maybe that make more sence ( hopefuly )

I like what you did and it looks great to me
Gosh I wish I just know half what you know .
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Thanks Hedi...I added the links to the top of the rehome page....let me know if that helps.

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When you say you're doing it on your own, do you mean you're directly writing htm language? FrontPage is merely a program to assist with placement and organization of data. It automatically creates navigation buttons and helps with hyperlinks. It's a management tool more or less.

To me it feels cluttered due to font size and lack of spaces between your hyperlinks and descriptions. Otherwise, you did fine. I"m sure you've put lots of time and work in creating it.
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Now I can go back , so it works
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Di...The reason for the larger font is that many people do have a harder time with small font and I have been asked by many visitors to make it larger.

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Would it make more sense if the each of the links was a separate page?? Would that help to make it less cluttered? I've been toying with putting the feral cat and spay/neuter links on their own pages.

I think most people like the Specialized Breeds page..but does the Rescue/Shelters page need to be organized differently?

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Sorry if you felt over criticized, but I thought you wanted honest opinions. I'm also used to providing computer tech support and was just trying to understand from that perspective.
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Thread Starter first it was overwhelming...because I have put sooo much time into this site...but I know you are simply trying to help me.
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I think having consistent Navigation is important and the Centering makes some of the content hard to read. I think using a consistent template for all your pages will make your programming easier too.

I saved off one of your pages and tweaked it a little (in like 2 seconds) just as an idea of a way to provide consistent navigation.
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These are all personal preferences of mine:

Web pages with too much text tires me out. I want to see icons, pictures, or other things to catch my eye. Net surfing should be like channel changing with a remote - check what's on quickly and move on.

For example, on the first web site, you have all the links listed in text form at the top of the page. They are not all lined up and I have to read thru all of it to find where I want to go. If you added a picture over the top of the text, I could find where I want to go more quickly. I like to click on pictures or icons.

I like the larger text, but you want some information to stand out more so than others. Most of the text is the same font - perhaps mix it up a bit more - put the stuff that you really want to stand out in a larger font. Or use different colored font, but nothing too obnoxious.

Most websites repeat their important links at the bottom of a page.

Put a more obvious break between major sections on the same page. Use visual things like lines, a row of paw prints, or something to break it up.

That's it for now. I used to do computer screen design for a living. The primary rule was KISS: Keep it simple stupid.
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I just lost my entire rehome page which was really popular by people....I think I need to regroup before I take ANYMORE advice...sorry...but now I have to rebuild an entire page.

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If you need any help, let me know... That's what I have been doing for a living for the last too many years...
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Monica...sorry..but it was because I tried to copy what you had given as a suggestion that I had to start from SCRATCH on my rehome page. Right now...I have to rebuild how I had it before I even consider anything else.

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If you wanted I could just do all 4 pages the same and email them to you... It took me 2 minutes to do the one page.

Or I could send you an empty template so it's easier for you to see what I did.
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Monica...unfortunately..when I tried to use your completely deleted the page....and I spent 30 minutes trying to put it back together...I will consider that for the future..but for now...I need to let it be.

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Tables...Tables will help

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Or CSS. I'm sure Dima will tell you CSS.
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Originally Posted by TNR1
Monica...unfortunately..when I tried to use your completely deleted the page....and I spent 30 minutes trying to put it back together...I will consider that for the future..but for now...I need to let it be.

That's cool. I re-uploaded the page with clear instructions in it for you. I think what happened is that when you edited the page I gave you, you put the content for your page where there was a comment saying Page Content which was not within a table cell... therefore the content disappeared. The file I uploaded was just supposed to be an example and I had I thought about it more, I would have put the comment in the cell so you could just replace it. DOH! The new file has the same url and just has placeholders in it for you to fill in. Drop me a PM if you want any help. I'd be more than happy to walk you through it... and that's whenever you want the help. I really respect the volunteer work you do, and the information and answers you provide out here... so if I can help you out I definitely would!
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I have no advice to offer, Katie, as I know not even the first thing about creating a website. I'm so impressed! I found your sites to be extremely informative and admire the work that you are doing to help so many! I really like you quote~"...Saving just one pet won't change the world...but, surely, the world will change for that one pet..."Great job!
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Thanks Monica...I'll look at it when I get home...I'm at work right now...SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. I have to say...I like your layout..but I think you are right...I must have copied something inaccurately....and I must admit it freaked me out. As I said...I'm a novice and losing that page would be disasterous.

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Katie I love your site. The only thing I would suggest is a little picture on top left hand side of pages Spay/Neuter Links Rehoming a Pet/Stray Links Cat Articles It is a great site. Well done!
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Katie, I completely understand! I've had that happen to me too. Especially when testing with Netscape browsers! If you try it tonight and have any issues, let me know and I'll help you out. There's no need for you to be frustrated with HTML!

Are you going to be adding a whole TNR section to your site too?
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