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My cat is probably starting labor today and I have a problem!

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Hi, I have a Maine coon cat that we sort of rescued. It's a story for another time but she's pregnant. She is 63 days now and she got out today and started to dig in the leaves which I noticed because she is not allowed out and I was walking over to get her. Anyway, I cannot find a box or a closet or a blanket or anything she is happy with! Any advice? I was with her through the last birth (she had one kitten that died) and I ended up having to choose a nice big box and just convince her it was the place to be. I would rather her be more comfortable this time. Yes, we do have a vet and yes she is getting fixed - that's not why I'm writing in ! I'm hoping to hear from someone else who has dealt with this and how they handled it.
We will probably be having kittens pretty soon here so look forward to any help I can get before that happens!Thanks, Jen
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You basically need to put the cat inside, in a room that is quiet and preferably dark- put a couple of options in the room for her, a cardboard box, a big plastic bin- an emptied out sock drawer? Fill the offerings with soft bedding, and just shut her in there and let her choose the spot. When it is time, she will find a spot she wants to have the kittens. But she needs to be kept indoors-
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Jen, unless you confine her to a room as hissy has suggested, you will most likely find that she will give birth where she feels comfortable, not where you want her to give birth. You will need to keep her inside the whole time she has the kittens as she can go into heat as soon as 3 days after giving birth. Good luck.
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Well today is looking like the day...I actually found this due date calculator for cats online and when I typed in the day my cat mated it told me Saturday, June 19th is the due date. I had just counted 60 days on my calendar to get my due date. Anyway, not to be too graphic but she is having lots of discharge (clear with slight blood in it) and her milk came the rest of the way in this morning so I know it's today (or tomorrow haha). I know about making sure she doesn't get out because after her kitten died last time, she got out within the week and was pregnant - it happened really fast. So we will have this litter, sell the kittens to help pay for the spay and keep her in 'till it happens. If I have a friend come over with a digital camera, maybe I'll put some pics up. She's ridiculously huge - people are shocked when they see her, and she's incredibly uncomfortable so I am excited for her to go into labor and not have to carry all that around.

Anyway, thanks for the help!
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Hello Jen. What an exciting time. Sending good vibes over to your kittie for a good delivery. If she is so huge, perhaps there are quite a few. Good luck and looking forward to seeing the pics.
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Good luck Jen, please let us know how it all goes.
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well, it is a little frustrating! Her water is broken - there was a clear sack hanging out of her and it broke while she licked herself - and she's all wet and just vocalizing a LOT! I think it has been like 45 mins maybe since she broke that sack but I would just like that first kitten to be born so I know she's doing well. The last kitten she gave birth too didn't seem to take this long but I'm sure she's fine...
I'll let you know if anything happens
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Crossing fingers! Keep us posted.
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How's it going? Do you have your vet's number handy just in case?
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Jen how is it going, is mother cat OK?
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well she has had just a few contractions and pooped quite a lot for not eating as much today...but no kittens born yet. I'll be staying up with her. She doesn't seem to be upset at all or anything ('cept when I leave the room). Kittens are still moving around like crazy.
I'll let ya know. Hoping for something soon!
yea - got my vet's # right on the fridge of course!
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Well, I started to think something might be wrong so I came in here and did a little research on the internet. I found a site that had lots of info and said that if you see those (this is graphic - sorry in advance) fluid filled sacs coming out that you should burst them and help with the delivery and that if you see a part of the kitten then you should grasp it (with gauze) and pull it out while she bears down. I had to do that. It was the tail. The kitten was lodged in there and when I got his tail and half of the bottom out she freaked out and I was so scared I was going to watch her die or something but she just got on all fours and gave it all she had (while she made the most horrible noises) and the little guy is fine!!!
I'm still really shaky - I'm surprised it affected me like this.
Anyway, there's lots more kittens in there so I gotta go. Maybe that's the problem (quite a few kittens). I'll post tomorrow with the rest of the story.
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Aww, it's like reading a book with half of the pages torn out. Guess I'll have to wait for your rest of the story. I hope all is going well.

My cat just had kittens a few days okay, so I'm very interested in the labor/kitty issues right now. I will be checking back in to see 'what the final score is.' Best wishes to you both!

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Jen, well done for being able to help her deliver that kitten. Hopefully the next ones will be a little easier for her. Don't forget to breathe as she will pick up on your anxiety.
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Looking forward to hearing about Mom and all of her babies, Jen!
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oh I want to know how its going!! *danielle stamps her feet* I get impatient easily
seriously tho - Jen good work girl on helping deliver that first kitten so proud of you

cant wait to read about the rest of the birth
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Well, I was in the kitchen and I heard another loud meow so I went in and another, bigger kitten, had come out (I think he was also breech) and I broke the sac quickly and in just a minute she started taking care of him. Those first two were pretty close together so she needed just a little help. Then another sac came out, which I broke, but nothing was happening and she started to rest and I decided to rest also (it was 2am). I woke up this morning to the rest of the kittens hehe. I was just resting my eyes for a minute! She's doing great! There is seven as far as I can tell - there could be one little butt that I haven't counted - maybe there's 8. The first one is a tabby like her with double paws, second is silvery grey with white face and paws and you can see stripes on his sides, there is one that looks like a black and white cow, a couple more tabbys, and more grey and white ones. I haven't disturbed them too much because they are all nursing really well and she is just purring and nuzzling them. Alot of cute kitties! Thanks for listening and caring about all the details! It's gonna be hard to see them go but I will definitely get enough money from these cuties to pay for her spaying! But man I wish I could just keep 'em all! haha
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Wow Jen 7 and possibly 8! My goodness! If you can and it doesn't disturb mom-cat and the kittens too much, we'd love to see some pictures.
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Jen- you did GOOD! So many people freeze when there is a problem with the delivery. You held it together did research and helped your cat and the kittens- GREAT JOB!
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Jen congratulations to you for helping so well, and congratulations to the proud Mum on her new 7/8 babies. You won't be able to take your eyes off them now.
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Septuplets! Poor mama cat! lol Thanks for posting the details, and I'd like to see pictures too.

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Ok Jen, you just scared me with that... My cat is due very soon.. What signs am I looking for to know when she will have her kittens? This is my first female cat and I am so nervous.. She is little and I see the babies moving around inside, it is neat to watch them, but.. She is due but not sure how I will know when to watch er to help if she needs it.. HELP!!!
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I went to this El Sham's cat pregnancy due date predictor and it also gives you a pregnancy "calendar" can do a search for it on Google. It was right on with my cat's due date. I basically just flipped her on her back 3 times a day and checked if she had anything going on (clear fluids or anything) down there. I also paid attention to when her milk came in. Her "water broke" the same day that her milk came in all the way. I just did research, said a prayer and did the best I could. I bet the vet would've wanted to do a c-section but we did just fine and saved a lot of money. The information I read was from a vet (online) and I did really feel it was the right thing to do. It was the middle of the night and she needed help right then.

Anyway, I really wouldn't's pretty rare that cats need help with all of that. I was actually pretty surprised it happened and I'm glad it's over. You'll do fine, I'm sure!
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