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My cat won't stop pulling her hair out!!! Help!

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My little Abyssinian, Sheba, won't stop pulling her hair out. She started doing this about 3 weeks ago. I noticed it right after my brothers Rottweiler got a hold of her. I had to leave her at my office for the weekend because I was out of town and my brother didn't know she was here so he brought his Rottweiler in with him. She had to get about 4 stitches, but the damage was a lot less than it could have been. (Safe to say my brothers dog will not be back into the office.) I noticed her pulling her hair out and mentioned it to the vet when she had a check up about a week later. She said that it could be due to stress or Sheba could be allergic to her food. She has been on EaglePak food for about 2 weeks now, but she is still doing it. I don't think it's a food allergy because there are no other symptoms.

There is another cat in the office and she is constantly trying to play with Sheba. This doesn't make Sheba too happy. I really think she is just stressed out, but I can't figure out how to help alleviate her stress. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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It could be stress or it could be pain. I would take the cat back to the vet and ask for additional tests- ultra sound or x-ray to be sure especially if a rottie got a hold of her, she could have a small puncture wound in her internal organs, or a pressure wound- but you should really get her checked out to be sure she is okay. Not many cats survive an encounter with an unfriendly dog.
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Sound like stress to me with the dog attack plus now living in a different environment. Does she have favorite stuff with her. I'd check with a vet also.
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I too agree that it could be stress related. Cats do not like changes to their enviorment,it can bring on stress. Try and get her back on a normal routine,with no other animals around. Is she spayed? Hope all goes well for you
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Yes, she has been spayed. I believe it was sometime in January. Sheba hasn't always been mine. My dad bought her when he was in California for a time. He has three other cats at home. Being an Abby, Sheba was just a little too curious and energetic for my dad to handle, so he asked me if I wanted her because I had fallen in love with her from the momment I saw her. So, now she claims me.

No other cats around could be a problem. I work in my families office. Sheba comes to work with me during the day and then home again at night. Unfortunately there is a cat each place. Being in college I still live with my mom during the summer and she has a cat. Shortly after this arangement started, my brother's (not the one with the Rottie) wife decided that their cat, Mila, was too hyper for her to handle, so Mila has also taken up residence in the office untill she gets a little older and settles down. She's still pretty young and I think that this may be part of the problem. She is constantly trying to chase Sheba and play and it really annoys Sheba. I don't know how to get her to leave Sheba alone.
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I just dropped Sheba off at the vet to have her checked out again to see if they can find any internal problems. Big prayers please, I'm really hoping all the hair pulling is stress related and not because she's in pain. I should find out something later today.
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Please let us know what the vet tells you!
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Sheba's vet visit went well. Thankfully, she's not in pain and they still tihnk she's just stressed out. The vet said she didn't want her to get into a habit of it, so she has a lamp shade on her head. My poor baby. She doesn't like it at all. We're gonna try it for a few weeks, then see what happens. Any other advice would be appreciated.
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