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Myths LONG LONG history, please help if you can. or advise.

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HI! Most of you, or some of you have probably read my posts about my 3 yr old Tortie, MyRage(mirage). She MIGHT be expecting... she is due in a week... we'll see what happens then.

But this is about her 'sister' Myth. Myth is a white cat with a few little grey patches on her. And Two little tan patches, one right on her... Uh... femininity... and the other on the inside of her back theigh. Her vet called her a calico because of the two tan patches, but I call her a white girl.

This is her story. Her mama cat was a barn cat, who lived solely outside. I'm not sure exactly how friendly her mom was, never had the pleasure of seeing, or meeting her. But the owners of her mom told me a short story of my myth's beginnings.

Ususally when she was about to have her kittens, they brought the mama in, so that they would have a chance to socialize the kittens. They apparently miss-judged her pregnancy. She had her kittens under a pallet in the barn. At some point, the babies came out, or were pulled out from under the pallet.

All I know for sure is when I arrived at the house, there were two kittens left. A beautiful ALL white male, and this white female with grey patches. They were 8 wks old. The carrier had what looked like food thrown into the back of it. I saw no potty box in there. Both kittens were covered in brown stuff. I think it was a mixture of feces (sp) and mud. I don't know how long she was in the carrier for. She wanted nothing to do with humans at all at that point. I didn't want the cat. I was looking for an all white girl. But I wanted a friendly, loving cat. This one had not been socialized, and I didn't want her. BUT her beautiful little eyes won me over. And besides I COULD NOT leave her in that situation. Even if there were more people coming to meet them, I could NOT leave her. So I took her.

It was a half cracked idea when I decided I wanted a kitten. I already had a calico, but my dad lived about 2 hours away, and had fallen in love with My Mystyc, so I said she could stay there. I was scared of driving two hours with that Krazy calico. I was also worried about the stress of moving her.

Well, I took the kitten (dumb me didn't bring a carrier, since I left it at my dad's house. I didn't even bring a box or anything to put her in) and I went straight to walmart to get a potty box, kitten food, food dishes, and some toys. I took her into walmart, and the tellers fell in loved and an associate kitten sitted for me while i did my shopping.

anyway, for the first few weeks she would only respond to me when I meowed to her. The first couple days, she cried and cried, and I was beside myself. Me meowing at her seemed to calm her down and we eventually became friends. Her fave kitten game was laying on my bed with me, watching my eyes. She was so fascinated by how they rolled around... LOL
ONE day she tried to catch one of them... She didn't, and I never let her that close to my face with them moving... lol

okay, so here we are now... she's almost 5. We moved back to the town where my parents lived. My mom loved her, she hated my mom. My mom was on oxygen, and had to use a nebulizer, wich scared the !@#$ out of her. She met her older sister Mystyc, who is 14 months older than her. They became friends. My husband and I moved again, into the trailor behind my parents house. All was great for Myth then. Mystyc has always been an indoor/outdoor kitty, so she came to the trailor to visit,and play with myth.

Then, I almost burned the trailor down, and almost killed Myth. I had a wok full of grease on the stove (making fried bread for my mom, who was dying, with cancer). I left the house, and got distracted by my dad who wanted his laundry. THen when I went outside, i saw smoke litteraly billowing out the windows and door. I RAN HYSTERICALLY to the trailor knowing my Myth was in there. The smoke was soo thick, my body would NOT let me in there, I woudl walk towards the stove, and find myself out the front door.

My dad got in there got the wok (with smoking grease in it and the lid on it) and he threw it out on the front porch. NO FIRE LUCKILY... I cannot thank my dad, and all our father enough for that. Well, I blew the smoke out of the house with fans, and looked for myth. I found her, ran her to my mom, and we put her oxygen mask on her. I called the vet who told me to check her gums, it took me 15 minutes to get a call back, I was so upset and scared. So was Myth. So there is Myth sitting in my mom's lap in her wheelchair. Both with oxygen on, myth had a mask, and my mom had the normal nose tube. Myth was actually at ease in her lap!

I got to talk to the vet, and he told me to check her gums see if they were pink or blue. They were totally white! That was better than blue, but I wish I would have looked BEFORE the 15 minutes with the oxygen mask on her.

I took her to the vet that night, paid twice a normal visit for him to tell me her lungs were a little congested, but sounded great otherwise. Especially after what she went through.

Well that was when MyRage came into my life (different story entirely).

After that Myth HATED the trailor, she tore out screens, and forced the windows open to get out. She WOULD NOT be in the trailor.

I let her live outside, and I put a little platform under my bedroom window with food, water, and a little bed for her. She hung out there a lot. about 2 months later she started coming in the house again. Then September 11th 2001 happened. I lost part of me that day, and a little more of me at 3am on september 12th, when the phone rang (my mom had been in the hospital for about a week or so by that time for complications with her cancer.)

Needless to say my bestest mom in the world passed away september 12th around 1:45 am.

so we moved into my dad's house to let other family members live in the trailor. We lived in that basement almost two and a half years. Maybe a little more.

April 11th, this year, We finally moved into our own house. My dad moved in with his new girlfriend (who ironically was the owner of the cat that gave birth to Mystyc. She's one of my friedns' mom's). So I had to take Mystyc, Myth, and MyRage all to our new house. Mystyc n Myth have known each other, but weren't together. MyRage met Mystyc a few time, but never had a chance to get to know her at all.

Then memorial day weekend we were forced to move again, into a better house. All three cats had to be uprooted again.

NOW I FINALLY get to the actual problem... MyRage might be having babies in a week. Okay, that's not the problem, but it MIGHT be part of it.

Myth will lay down when she sees me, so I can pet her. and SHe meows at me, but she do that if there are a bunch of boxes blocking me from getting to her. If I make any move towards her, she splits. She's an over weight cat, but can move amazingly fast for her size. She's also extremely agile for her size. She won't let me touch her. And if I touch her with BOTH hands, she gets rigid, and flees.

She'll lay down on the bed while I"m under covers, but if I'm not she'll take off as soon as I move. I want to love her up, and she acts like she wants my love, but I'm having trouble getting close enough to her. Myth is the only cat MyRage likes right now.

She will attack Mystyc (the dominant, feisty, older calico who was my FIRST kitten). MyRage even growles if I say Mystyc. But MyRage will rub on Myth, she'll sniff her, and Myth will sniff MyRage. Myth also seems to getting along with Mystyc for the most part. But she won't let me love her up. This morning she was on my bed, and I grabbed her, pulled her closer to me, and gave her a scratch down like no other. She has a lot of fur,and loves to be brushed. But she needs it. I could feel in her fur that the two/three weeks of not being able to love her up, she's starting to matt again on her outer theighs. Is there anything I can do to gain her trust back? I Keep telling here that we aren't gunna move for a while again. But... I feel neglected by her.

sorry for the long story, I felt that if everyone uderstood a few key events in her history, she is better understood. I know she has mental problems, and is insecure. ANd I know she is a very skitty kitty, but she has been calm and happy for great lenghts of time. I see her MAYBE once a day, usually a white streak from one room to another. I'm sure this isn't tooo good for her, but I try to leave her alone, and give her space. I'm the one loosing out here... I miss my tubby cat sleeping with me, and purring to me.

could she be leaving me alone because she is stressed and scared I'm going to move her again? Or is it because MyRage is about a week from her due date? or what? I miss my girl.

thanks everyone, I've read so many posts with great advice. I've got a million more questions, but I'll ask them one at a time

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Yes, she is afraid to be moved again. I swear, that is just jumping out at me in a huge way! Cats don't take all that well to moving, and if put through trauma again and again, they seek solace and serenity. What keeps coming to me is she is afraid of abandonment and needs to trust you will be there. You must talk to her, TELL her you are staying by her side. She also smells different scents eminating from MyRage due to the pregnancy. Remember, the feline olfactory bulb is 40 times more powerful than ours. I have been pregnant 3 times in my life, miscarried each time and not meant in this lifetime to have my own children, but man! did I recoil at scents that had pleased me in the past! and I smelled different to my partner at times, he said I smelled different! Not bad, just different. Imagine what she is going through. She knows kittens are coming, but she also needs to know you are there for her. Can you take her or spend time with her just you and her, one-on-one? Music? favorite treat? Brush or combing sessions? A regular routine of intimacy every day, even for a short while, would be wonderful if you're able to. I know she's not around you....I sense she might be rejecting you because she associates you with trauma at the same time she does love you. Can you go to a quiet space and call her? bring a treat so she knows when you call her it will be "nice"? I'm sure you're so frustrated and you feel so deeply for her, it can eat at you to no end. We want our kitties to love us the way we love them.
You said, "She'll lay down on the bed while I"m under covers, but if I'm not she'll take off as soon as I move." That is SO telling! Your movement, that kinetic energy cats sense so well, is a symbol of change to her. She immediately moves because she's on guard for change, trauma, you name it, being uprooted again. Can you invest in some patient, quality time each and every day? Please keep us posted! I'm certainly not the licensed expert, I "feel" things and go from instinct, so I hope I gave you an idea or maybe some support. You sound wonderful in loving her so much!
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thankyou... Yesterday a wonderful thing happened. I was sitting here infront of my computer, just surfing. Rage was laying beside me in her little spot on my rolltop. I heard her move, and looked towards the door. Myth appeared!! I said her name a few times, greeted her, and stuck my hand down. She backed up, and rubbed against the doorframe. Then walked to my hand and head butted it, and immediately plopped on the ground for a belly rub!!!! I was so happy, I got down on the floor, and loved her up. She butted my head, and rubbed all over me. I scratched her, pet her, massaged(sp?) her, and gave her a huge hug. With Myth and MyRage, I will trap them with my body, so i'm like a little house, and talk to them. At first, when myth was a kitten, she LOVED when I did that. As she got older, and bigger, the space ended up being just big enough for her, and she HATES being confined in any way. She will let me do it for a little while, and as soon as she pokes her nose out, I sit up, and she usually plops over for a belly rub. She's the belly-rubbiest cat.

She loved me up really good yesterday, and came in to love me up when I woke up. I'm not sure exactly what I did. I kinda stopped going to her, and just made eyecontact when I saw her, and greeted her each time I saw her. I'm glad she's not upset with me. Her and Rage still get along good, they seem to be closer than before. It took Myth almsot a year before she would tollerate being in the same room with Rage. Then it took a long time before Myth would allow Rage to smell her. I just wish that Rage wouldn't have been... expecting, when she and MYstyc started becoming friends. They even played once, kinda batting a mouse back and fourth. THen.... Rage became teritorial. I hope this doesnt permanantly alter the chance for a friendship between them. Mystyc is a very... feisty cat. She's got a calico attitude, people tell me. She was like that from day one.

thankyou I'm glad myth is calming down. Well, I guess I did also get the livingroom straightened... Maybe that helped myth feel better? I've had a hard time unpacking because of Rage needing to be on, or next to me all the time.
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Well that's just fabulous and wonderful to hear.
They do go where they are loved and you're patience is probably being rewarded big time. It's obvious she loves you so much and the "issues" she has are not you at all! of course not! That just made my entire day! let us know how it's going, I've always been fascinated by behaviors, never get tired of reading about them!
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