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Somali Kitten

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Forgive me for my broken english. It's not my native language...

I would be happy to have breeder's opinions about the female ruddy somali kitten that you can see by clicking here
Her name is Vega, she's 8 weeks old and has an excellent pedigree.
As far as you know, does she seem acceptable for reproduction or show according to somali standards.
(my concern is the "stripe" that can be seen on the chest)

She's cute, anyway, isn't she...?
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First Off... Welcome to The Cat Site!!!

While it is hard to judge from a photograph, this is what I see and something you should check when you visit.

The line you mention on the neck "could" be a broken necklace, which is a pattern fault.

Again it's a picture so ..... it looks as if she may have some white under her armpits. "If" that is the case it is a Major fault and could keep you from showing her.

Just to be on the safeside, check the Somali Standard for whatever association you would show her in.

She IS adorable though!
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