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Help, I can't decide!

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Who do you think is the a mother, it's impossible for me to say!
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Well, it's hard for me to choose, but if forced, and well uhhhhh Tiggy of course.

I may need to see a pic of him to be sure
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LOL, Your not allowed to vote Squirt.........your biased!
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Oh, sorry

Hey everyone vote for Tiggy!!!
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Ok Squirt, for your birthday, I'm going to hand deliver you an orange kitten.....what do you think? You are one woman who needs to have one.......and a boy at that. They are more affectionate, at least mine is.
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Ok, but please asks Dori how she would feel about a brother first She runs the house and I want to clear it with her.
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She would love it...........every kitty needs a sibling, and yours needs an orange one..........
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Tiggy of course

like you have never guessed LOL
post #9 of 16 this a trick question?

Tiggy, of course!!

And I agree about Dori needing a little brother of the gingery persuation. I love my little orange dudes!
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I just tallied the votes and Tiggy is ahead!
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well personally I think they are all adorable (sorry Tania )
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i've always got this thing for orange cats.. so i'll pick the orange one...
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Well Squirt, your right, Tiggy is definitely ahead, but I think they were persuaded.............I gotta admit, my Tiggy is a cutiepie, but so are my girls............still a tough decision for me!
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Awwww i vote for Tiggy as well because when Sophie isn't bugging the life out of Rosie she has such a cute face like Tiggy

But Trixie and petals are just as gorgeous
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It's true, Tiggy does have that sweet little face, but come on, do we have to pick just one? They're all so sweet! I vote for all three!
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They are all cute as can be, but I have a soft spot for orange kitties. What a precious little face!
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