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As long as I've had kitties, I've had company at bedtime. Cindy hustles me to bed, and then parks between my legs. Some nights she stays there until 4 or 5 in the morning, and then meanders off to tend cat business. Fawn and Suzy usually sleep on the two corners of the foot of the bed. They both like to be near their humans but aren't anything like as mushy as Cindy.
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Scuffy sleep in my bed room during the day. I really want him to sleep with me during the night, I feel guilty when I close the door of my bed room and let him sleep in his bed. I wanted him to sleep with me though, but my boyfriend told me that I have to teach him, cause he does not want Scuffy sleeping with us, sleeping is really important with my bf, or else he is cranky so Scuffy have to put up with that
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Do I allow them in my bed. Haha! Don't you know that my three boys allow me in THEIR bed, and there can be not turning or rolling over unless I make sure to move into really awkward positions to keep from bumping them. Because don't you know.. even slightly moving them will get you a glare to make you feel like your the most horrible creature to have ever lived.

Oh, and while they be 8x smaller than me, they get MUCH more space to stretch out than I do. They only allow Craig and I a small portion in which we have to curl up nice and tight.

Of course if they knew I was complaining they'd be unhappy. I mean, aren't they the most generous boys around for just letting me sleep in THEIR bed.

Craig and I are considering getting a KING size bed as the QUEEN size apparently isn't quite big enough for all 5 of us. Craig and I and the three boys.
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Mine sleeps at my feet mostly, and in the morning he will come up closer to my face. He didn't start out that way, he used to sleep in another room when I first got him. I mean I left the bedroom door open but he didn't come in. But now he always sleeps with me.

One interesting thing too, he sleeps through the night, I thought cats were nocturnal? I had insomnia once and noted that he sleep straight through the night. He never wakes up which surprised me.
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Zero tends to sleep at arm's length. Heather says that its beacuse I rolled over on him too many times when he was little (not sure if that's true ).
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When i just had Rosie i never used to let her sleep in our room, but since my boyfriend and i split she's been there ever since because she was a source of comfort to me at the time.

Now since i got Sophie, both of them are in . Rosie sleeps at the bottom of the bed and Sophie across the top of my pillow with her back paws nearly up my nostrils

If i do meet someone else, then it's something he'll have to accept, because they were there first!
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Yogi and Remi sleep with us... (even though when we moved into our new place and I got all new bedroom furniture and bedding I didn't want them in there) Well....I lost that battle and Yogi practically shares my pillow and Remi enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed next to hubby's feet. I know I would miss them if they were not in there, so it worked out for the best.
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Well, we started out not letting Lily sleep with us, only because I like the bedroom door closed at night. I couldn't shut her in the bedroom all night long, in case she need to use the litter box or got hungry. But Lily didn't like that very much. So we ended up leaving the door open a crack which I didn't like one bit. (I guess it's a security thing.) Finally, we put in a kitty door in our bedroom door so Lily can come and go as she pleases. Lately, she hasn't been sleeping with us, I think it's too hot upstairs for her!
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I let Luna sleep with me, but she usually doesn't . . . I think she finds her nice lamb's wool bed with the baby blanket in it more comfy; I always find her there in the mornings. Occasionally she'll come curl up with me, which is nice, when she lets me sleep. Other times she decides to play and tries to attack my hair, so I usually gently set her down beside the bed and she knows that's the cue to not play with Mommy for awhile. Sometimes she'll hop back up, but let me sleep.
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I tried to let my boo-boo sleep with me, but at 3 am she wants to turn my apartment into the summer olympic round-the-apartment dash (including the vertical blinds in my bedroom). Now she sleeps in the living room with no problem, and she can run all over without waking me up!!!
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My cats sleep wherever they want to. They haven't lately, probably because I have a fan blowing on me all night. (I don't have AC). They both sleep with me during the very cold winter nights though. Beau lays under the covers. In the spring and fall, usually just one sleeps with me each night. (Like they are taking turns: "No, I slept with her last night, tonight it's your turn").
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Because I have a lot of trouble sleeping Jeeps does not sleep in with me My other half also sleeps in a different room because he snores and any noise keeps me awake.
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