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To sleep or not to sleep, what do you think?

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What do you guys all think about having your furbabies sleep with you? Do you allow them in your bed? We certainly do. I wish I could get all 3 in bed. Petals lays by my head with her head tucked into my neck. Tiggy sometimes sleeps at the foot of the bed, as does Trixie from time to time. Nothing I'd like more than to have all 3 cuddle with Jerry and I. Some friends I have with kitties won't even let them in the room at night. What do you all do with your furbabies?
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Our kitties (all 7 of them) sleep wherever they want. I usually wake up paralyzed because someone has been laying on the back of my knees and cut off the circulation Either that or they are laying on either side of my legs and I can't move! Then there's Cleo who usually sleeps on my bladder when I'm on my back, and she is notorious for boob mashing. That's actually one of her nicknames - "Boob Smasher" And then Tinkles, the biggest fluffiest one lays between my head and my husband's, with his tail end towards me of course...I went in for a sleep study a few weeks ago (I've got sleep apnea and narcolepsy) and the tech was like"You sleep with animals? Ewww". She told me that it is unhealthy to sleep with animals, breathing in their dander and whatnot...Whatever, I love sleeping with my babies and would never kick them out of bed!
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Prissy, love what you had to say. I have the same problem, the boob kneading and the bladder laying...........Tiggy comes up and needs my boobs in the morning when he knows i"m going to get up and feed them. He also lays on my lower belly, by my bladder. He always knows when it's full!
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I sleep with 1 of my 2 boys and I'm trying to get the second to sleep with me. However, the bed is Frantic's territory so Pip just visits.

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i let my 3 kitties sleep wherever they want. most mornings i'll find surj sleeping between me and ant, baci and system dont go up on the bed until we get up, but then their there alllll day! baci and i will take a nap in the middle of the day sometimes. i'll always try to lay behind him and rub his belly, but he always has to get up and flip around so he's facing me then he licks my nose and goes back to sleep!
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Loki sleeps with me tucked into my right armpit !!
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Sounds like so far we are all in favor of letting our furbabies sleep with us. As I told you, Petals sleeps with her body by the side of my head and her head nuzzled into my neck. This only works when I'm sleeping on my back. It' so cute how she comes to be in this position. She climbs up my body from my feet, turns around, back up and plops her butt down next to my head. Sometimes her aim is a little off and she sits on my face.......I love my kitty but gees................she gets a quick, albiet gentle shove off to the side.
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My cats sleeps whereever they want... Most of the time, it's with me!

Zebra tend to be the first one on the bed and often gets the first dibs on sleeping positions. She tend to sleep in between my legs if I'm sleeping on my back/tummy. If I'm sleeping on my side then she'll sleep against my legs.

Buddy will sleep on my tummy then often will move up to my chest and proceed to try to stifle me by covering my nose with his head! He also often will start kneading like mad at my neck while falling asleep!

Pepper tend to sleep whereever she can get close to me- on my side, by my leg or near my arm.

Spike is the only one who won't sleep with me. I often find him sleeping in the bathroom on the mat!

Sometimes one of the cats will want me sleeping in a specific position so they will start pawing at me until I move into the position they want.

Often I'd wake up in a weird position and have a sore body cuz of it! In the beginning, I slept on the couch for a year cuz I didn't have a bed and the cats would be sleeping on top of me. When I got my bed (QUEEN SIZE) I thought to myself- "AHA! NOW, I will have plenty of room to move around and the cats will sleep spread out on the bed." WRONG!!! With all the space on the bed, the cats still choose to sleep all crunched up against or on me!
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2 Dogs and 3 cats all sleep with us. Crowded? You bet. Do we care? Nope. We wouldn't have it any other way.

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Hope you have a king size bed Jeff! Or really small pets!
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Our Bijou sleeps around my head. Last night for instance he curled around my head and started licking my ear. Then he placed both paws on my ear and his head on my neck and purred very loudly before falling asleep. He also sometimes sleeps on my pillow (naturally his bottom is towards my face!). Our daughter (24) is upset he won't sleep with her, but I just tell her it's his choice where he sleeps. Often he will come up, lay across my neck and suckle (and knead - ouch), purr very loudly and fall asleep with drool all over his chin and my neck! I clip his nails every week but am considering doing it twice a week. The tiny scratches and kittie hickies aren't that cute, but he's suckling less now than when we first brought him home.

My Siamese (Susie) used to come up, paw at the covers until I lifted them to let her in and then slept curled up by my tummy. I can't imagine leaving my fur baby to sleep all by himself somewhere! I need him in our bed as much as he seems to need to be there.
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My guys are allowed to sleep with me but they never do. Sparta never comes in the bedroom if we're in there. Ares comes in and crawls all over us trying to be petted so eventually my boyfriend kicks him out. I wish they would just lay down and sleep with us but they don't. Any cat or dog that adopts me will be allowed to sleep in my bed with me.
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"Hope you have a king size bed Jeff! Or really small pets!"

Both but it doesn't matter.

Sue sleeps hanging on to 1 edge while I sleep hanging on to the other. The 4 foot space in the middle is a pile of Kritters.

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Frodo sleeps in his little faux sheepskin bed right next to me and Pookie sleeps on my pillow between my head and the wall. Moth, unfortunately, has been banned from the bedroom at night long ago. She thinks she is a Siamese and never shuts up!! The dang cat even talks in her sleep! And when she wants attention, no matter what the time is, she gives those distress meows like she's moments from death. She's louder than my alarm clock...so she's sleeps in the living room on a towel in front of the sliding glass door.

She's my guard cat About 3 months ago I awoke to the sound of Moth hissing and screeching like she'd been stepped on. I ran out to the living room and flipped on the light. There on the floor on his butt was a teenager with baggy pants and a hooded sweatshirt on, with my Mothy girl tearing the heck out of his face!! YAY MOTHY!! I ran over and started kicking the cr@p out of this little punk (stupid, I know, but it was just a reaction!) and telling him to get the he** out of my house and did his mother know he was out at this hour? I went kinda nuts And there is mothe just shredding him. He finally got up and ran for it.

Little jerk must have tried to break in through the slider and tripped over my girl and fell on his bum, where she did her duty and protected her family!! It may have been 3 in the morning, but that girl got a half can of solid white albacore

So even if I wanted to sleep with her, Moth is not permanently fixed at her station at night on the lookout for prowlers.

Oh yeah...and I always remember to put the pin in the slider now, too
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Wow what a great watchcat! That's super! I know when I was with my ex husband once he did something and I screamed -for real- and good ol' Wellie was there in the blink of an eye. She stood solid on me and stared at him like "I dare you to do that again". I sure miss Wellie. It's been 3 years since we had to put her to sleep, but she was one of those cats of a lifetime. Anyhow.. I know my current gang of 7 will growl and carry on when the gardeners are outside mowing the lawn, they also growl at the UPS man.
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Dori sleeps with me every night, we had a period of about 2 nights that she refused to sleep with me and I had bad dreams that something happened to her. Even if I take a nap during the day, she goes to bed with me
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Wow - WTG, Moth! The kid probably didn't know what hit him.
JC sleeps with us at night, usually on top of me. He starts out on his blanket at my or my husband's feet, but I usually wake up to find him on my feet, legs, hip, rear or back. One night I woke up from a nightmare where I was being crushed to death by a lawnmower. He was right between my shoulder blades, purring like crazy! Sometimes he starts out in the spare room at night, and joins us later.
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when my bf is working away, socks sleeps with me every night, across my head with his blankie . but when hes home, he wont let me have socks in the bed with us i hate that!he sits by the door crying all night.
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Originally Posted by cazx01
when my bf is working away, socks sleeps with me every night, across my head with his blankie . but when hes home, he wont let me have socks in the bed with us i hate that!he sits by the door crying all night.
Awww. why won't ur bf let socks sleep with u?????? If a guy tried to do that to me, I'd tell him he's sleeping on the couch while my furbabies sleep with me! (That's EASY for me to say cuz I live alone though.)
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My two sleep where ever they want. Max generally sleeps on my pillow. He slowly edges me off the pillow so by morning I'm sleeping on the mattress! When I get up, he comes and eats his breakfast and then sometimes goes and climbs in the bed next to my husband!

Simon starts out sleeping in the bed next to me. When my husband comes to bed (he goes to be later than I do) Simon gets off and sleeps somewhere else. Simon is a very happy kitty when my husband goes out of town because then he can sleep with me the whole night!
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Sierra sleeps with me every night, either on my head, just below my neck or on my side if I'm on my side. As soon as I get into bed, she snuggles up with me. I surely wouldn't be able to sleep at all without my sweet sleeping partner!
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My cats all sleep with me at night, one on me and one on either side of me!, I have trouble sleeping somewhere else now unless I have kitties to sleep with!! lol.
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Originally Posted by Tarav
My cats all sleep with me at night, one on me and one on either side of me!, I have trouble sleeping somewhere else now unless I have kitties to sleep with!! lol.
That's how I am! When I go to the US in the summer, I allow the cat and one of the dogs to sleep with me, because I'm just so used to it, and I never allowed our dogs to sleep in bed with us. We always had dogs and cats, and they slept together in a big pet bed in our bedroom. Jamie is an "only pet", and shares our bed. I can't sleep without him on top of me now.
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Both my boys are allowed to sleep with me and do during the winter but I've noticed since it has gotten warmer they've started sleeping off the bed but near by. Gandalf on the nightstand and Samwise on the chair at the computer desk (at the foot of the bed). However neither of them have a problem with late night visit to the bed to wake me up. When they want lovins, they just jump right on me and meow until I pet them.
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Originally Posted by dawnofsierra
Sierra sleeps with me every night, either on my head, just below my neck or on my side if I'm on my side. As soon as I get into bed, she snuggles up with me. I surely wouldn't be able to sleep at all without my sweet sleeping partner!

Same here. I have a hard time sleeping without my furbabies! Whenever I go to Utah to visit family, I always have a HARD time sleeping cuz no cats sleep with me there!

Several times if no cats have joined me in my bed within an hour, I will go hunting for them and ask what's wrong and why won't they come to bed with me! Usually by then, 1-3 cats will join me!
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Snowball sleeps wherever he wants, and he's usually on my bed with me at night. He's an older cat and it's starting to show, because even now with the milder temperatures he still insists on sleeping between my knees for warmth.
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Yes, to sleep...perchance to dream. I would not have it any other way...such comfort and joy!
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Furball always slept with us, which worked great for us.

The Triple Trouble Team (otherwise known as Garfield, Spooky, & Eclipse) are allowed to sleep with us, but we have had to start shutting our bedroom door at night. Garfield won't let me sleep at all! He walks all over my neck and face and meows and he won't stop all night long! I did the best I could for about a week, then I had to start shutting the bedroom door at night. I can't go with no sleep. I keep trying to let them in, but Garfield always does that all night. I can't get him to stop, and I can't sleep with my head under the blankets like my husband does. If anyone has any suggestions on how to get Garfield to be good and let Mommy sleep, I would love to hear it. We would love to have all 3 sleeping with us every night, but until Garfield can be good...

Thanks for any suggestions!
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well looks like I am one of the odd ones out here

Neither cats sleep with us - my husband wont allow it - so they sleep in the laundry - I know I know sounds horrible - but Tipsy was just ready to have the roam of the house at night but then Cedar came along - so now they are both in the laundry. When Cedar gets a little older they can go where ever they want. If we dont put them in the laundry they will play ALL night - trust me I have tried and it keeps us awake all night.
And they are happy in there - it really is warm for them. ( I have tested it by laying on the floor )

Having said that Tipsy has slept with us occasionally - if we have guests staying or if I have had a bad day - chris gives in to my puppy dog look and Tipsy knows that he has to stay on my side of the bed and he never ventures over to Chris'.
and sometimes chris will come home early in the morning after working and find Tipsy tucked up with me - and he doesnt have the heart to move him!!! (I should try that more often )

Now that he has gone away I tried having them both in the bed with me last night - it didnt work - Tipsy wanted to sleep - Cedar wanted to play - so then Tipsy got annoyed and left the bedroom followed closely by Cedar ready to play and run around the house - this pattern went on and on - they eventually got put in the laundry

but soon - they will be able to roam wherever - just not the bedroom - and to be honest - its a nice treat for me when they get to stay in the bed and I appreciate it all the more
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Stinky sleeps with me all the time when it's only me (naps and things), and sometimes when Jason's in bed, also. If it's just one of us, she's guaranteed to be there, but if it's both, it's a toss-up. Wonder why that is? Tank used to sleep with Jason all the time, not too much with me, although he did sleep all snuggled up against me the night before we had to put him to sleep . Guess that was one of his tender ways of saying goodbye... Stinky also sleeps in my sock drawer (yes, I leave it cracked open for her and it drives Jason nuts! ), and there's a little wicker basket in our closet she enjoys, as well. She's so cute!
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