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Does it usually take 2 weeks for Nature's Miracle to work on carpet in a room with good air circulation, and are multiple treatments usually necessary?
I have a small over-spray problem near the cat box. Dinky always uses the box, so it's not a physical problem for her (just some overspray). I have to get within 8-10 inches of the floor to smell it. I removed the carpet pad around the affected area and sprayed Nature's Miracle on the front and back of the carpet and sub-floor. I am moving in a week from a place that did not allow pets, so I have to remedy this situation as soon as possible. The carpet is almost entirely dry, should I re-apply Nature's Miracle, or wait a little longer? Is there something else I can do to speed up the process? When the property management company has the carpets steam cleaned will this intensify the smell if it is still there? Sorry for the long thread and multiple questions, I'm just really worried. Any help would greatly appreciated. Thank you.