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As you might know, I'm doing an expeiment with the Feliway plug in. My problem cat is Molly (I hate to say it that way, but she's a cat, and she has a problem), and she's very Anti social. Lately If I pop the top half of me under the bed and call her and rub her cat pad (It's one of those plush and kida scruffy cat pads that attract the cat hair)then wriggle my fingers, she absolutely scampers to me with her head already turned down to be rubbed. his has brought about 4 things.

1. the more I pet her, the more body area she lets me touch, andd every day she lets me get to a little more.

2. Unfortunately, when she's done, she doesn't tell me she is, and instead, turns around and bites me before walking away. What's weird about this is that she always bites my index finger, but she always bites it so that she doesn't cut skin, like, she bites my finger so that her fangs are on one side and her mouth is on the other. Does this mean anything?

3. She becomes very vocal when she's not under the bed, but she does come out.. yesterday she was out for probably a good hour, but over the course of 2 hours. she spent the majority of this time meowing in the hallway between the bedroom and the living room. She will not come close to us when she's out, and instead sort of jogs to the cat feeder, and then back.

4. Yesterday she *almost* let me touch her outside of under the bed. instead of scramming accross the living room she came about 5 inches from my hand, and then when I shifted, she ran. However, she eagerly awaited for me to pop up under the bed.

What could this behavior mean?! It is indeed an improvement to how she was hiding and scurrying out to do her needs when we first got her, but What could all the yowling mean?