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Search and Rescue dog left behind

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I don't know how you all feel about this, but one specific story caught my heart this weekend on the news.

It was concerning the policeman, rescued last week from the WTC, who had to leave his partner (a yellow Lab) behind in the debris. If you heard the story, you also know that the dog was fine, wagging his tale even as his person got pulled to safety, sensing that he would not be taken with him.

In the coverage of the story, the policeman commented that the reason they could not take his partner with him was because "Humans are first priority". Now I FULLY understand this 100%! It makes sense to me when there are others out there to be rescued!

But.. (and this is a strong BUT).. the fact of the matter is, they are NOT pulling hardly anyone out ALIVE at all!! It sucks, but that's the reality!! It's been since, what? Wednesday that they've pulled someone out alive? I just don't understand how they could have left this healthy dog behind to be found "hopefully later" when he could have been taken then. I mean, granted I don't know how long it would have taken to get the dog out, but I still believe, and it hurts me so much that they didn't rescue him then!

Why I'm thinking this way is for a few reasons, first because (like I said) they are not really finding any people alive, although I know there may be some left. Second, (like I said) how long could it possibly take to have gotten the dog. Third, the dog has been trained to work as a human, and it's had thousands of dollars invested in it to do it's work in search and rescue! So they leave the dog there when it could probably be put back to work to helpsave others!

It just doesn't make sense... it gets trained to serve almost as a human, but because it's not a human, it gets left behind! I just want you all to know how much I am hurt and saddened by this scenario and I hope that the little dog goes warmly into his Heavenly Father's arms to know how much he is loved for his strength and valor during this catastrophe! I just can't stop thinking about him still wagging his tail as his partner leaves him behind! Sorry I'm so emotional about this one.
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I heard that story, too. It was very sad to hear the policeman tell it. I must have missed the part about the dog wagging his tail as they pulled the policeman out. I do remember him saying that he told the dog he would be back for him. That would have been a tough position to be in. I would have wanted the dog pulled out too. The whole thing is a sad and scary situation.
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Vlinder; Yes it is "touchingly sad" but "regretably true". This story touched me and I do not think you inhuman for wanting to post it. Our emotions are very raw at this time and we will each be moved or angered by different things. Don't be ashamed to feel for this talented canine.
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Vlinder....I feel the same way....yes human life is more important than animals, because we have souls, I guess is the reason, but it is still so sad, and doesn't seem fair, to leave the dog behind!!!
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That really stinks! I think there was every reason to rescue this poor creature and no good reason not to!
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I never saw that story on the news........ Did they finally pull the dog out? Or is he still in the rubble?
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Was he under the rubble with his owner/firefighter after the buildings collapsed ? I didn't understand why they left him in the rubble ?? If his tail could be seen, how deep can he be under the rubble ?

Poor little fella
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Just to let you all know that when I first read this post, I screamed and cried as I'm such an animal lover. I called Rene who knows non-kill shelters in New York to find out what happened. If anybody could get him out, Rene will. She said that she was going to get in touch with them and let me know. When I find out, you'll find out. Until then, prayers are being sent for the poor pupper.

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Poor little thing! We have lots of search and rescue dogs in Israel and I know that they are considered part of the team and no effort will be saved to get one out of the rubble. Of course, not knowing the exact circumstances it's hard to tell why they decided to do this. Usually the dog handlers love their dogs very much and I hope that this one was no exception and really made the right choice.

Frannie, I can't wait to hear news from Rene!
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Was he under the rubble with his owner/firefighter after the buildings collapsed ? I didn't understand why they left him in the rubble ?? If his tail could be seen, how deep can he be under the rubble ?

In response to your question, the policeman and the dog were in the building rescuing a woman when, on about the 4th floor or so, the building collapesed on them. They remained alive, trapped with about 9 other policemen in the rubble. They found these policemen (I don't know if they all made it out alive) and they rescued them. But as far as search and rescue goes, human life is a first priority, so they left the dog behind at that time.
The policeman (the dogs partner) got pulled to safety but before he left his dog, he told him he'd be back for him, and the dog just wagged his tail at him.

Hope that helps.
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Even though I now know that the dog was saved, it still rips my heart to know that they left the dog for any period of time. I can't help but imagine how scared the poor dog was or how abandoned he felt. Thank goodness he was saved!
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