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Caption This! contest news

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If you've never been to the Caption This forum, today is the day you could begin your addiction.

New photos awaiting your caption ideas go up 5 days a week. All the after one week on the boards, the ideas are all turned into a sometimes MASSIVE poll, and you, our members, vote for your favorite.

Usually, we draw for a prize once a month, but today marks our 500th Caption This thread. (It may not seem like much to you, but after creating almost 500 polls, it's a milestone for me.)

To celebrate, we are going to have a special prize winner for this caption contest. Also, you may submit as many captions as you like for this contest only.

Good luck and see you over in the CT forum!

Caption This! #0500
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I sent a pic in about 5 weeks ago and it hasn't been on

I sent one in on monday, so i'm hoping
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Deb sometimes has many submissions for Caption This so it may be several weeks until you see your pic.
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I'll sit with my fingers crossed
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Email Anne if you have questions about whether or not she received your pictures.
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Will do, thanks
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Congrats Deb--I'll be getting to that side of the forums today!
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Congrats Deb! Thanks so much for a Well Done Job. It means a lot for all us members and if our Felines could talk, you'd get a lot of rubs and sweet kisses from them!
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The prize you are vying for if you post a caption for this one photo- is your choice of one item out of three in the new TCS Personalized Store. Either a:

Coffee mug
tee shirt

The winner can use your own photo of your cat, or look at the online library of images there:


So good luck!
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Congratulations, Deb! What a wonderful accomplishment! Thanks for all of your hard work!
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