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Hi there,
I need to get a collar for george- he is indoor only at the moment, but we are hoping to build him a safe enclosure by the end of the summer, so i want him to get use to wearing a collar again, plus if he ever got outside...

when we adopted george, whoever had a collar on him before had it on too tight, his fur was missing around his neck, and there was indent like it was on too tight!

So what collars are best for safety and comfort?

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Dori's favorite (she is an indoor only cat) is one I got from Petsmart, the brand is Yuppie Kitty, and it is made of silk. If is very soft and comfy for her, and it is a breakaway. I have heard that you are supposed to make sure you can fit 2 fingers between the collar and the cats neck to make sure it isn't too tight.
Oh I almost forgot, someone here, Princess Purr I think, sells some collars called Beastie Bands. I want to order one of those for Dori. They can be cut down so they can be the perfect size for your cat and they have some really neat designs on them
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great thanks!

now i need to get one for my mom's cat who is outdoors--and hates collars and manages to get them off--any good ones that dont come off easily when the cat is tryign to get it off, but yet if they get caught on something it will break away? did that make sense?

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Yes, that makes sense. Dori loses her collar when when she climbs under the couch, it always pops off. The only 3 types of breakaway collars I know of are the ones that clip, the velcro type, and the stretchy kind. I know of of any suggestions on how to get your kitty used to wearing a collar, but I am sure someone else around does and will post soon. Dori has worn a collar since she was a kitten and she likes them. She gets mad when I take it off and always sticks her neck out for me to put it back on.

My neighbor I was talking to last night has a cat who is 3 and stays outdoors all day and inside at night. He hates collars and has lost 4 of them in the past few weeks. She gave up and is having him microchipped.
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