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Is it normal for the mother cat to want me to be with her? If I leave the room, she comes and meows after me. If I go into the bedroom with the kittens, she'll get in the box and rest.

All five seem to be doing well, meowing and eating.
Grayce has also eaten (a little) and is drinking water. I haven't seen her use the litter pan yet.

What Grayce is doing is completely normal, although most likely a tad difficult for you. If it becomes a problem, it is OK for you to put a litter box and her food in the room (as far apart as possible as cats don't like to eat near where they eliminate), close the door and go about your business while Grayce is in the room with her kittens. Be sure to visit her often but it's OK for you not to be there all the time. Once you have some time to sit with her, open the door so she can choose to be with you or have a wander around the house.
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How are the babies now?

Congrats for acting calm throughout the whole time, I know it's hard, but I've found that if you're nervous then the cats can sense that.

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They are doing great. All are nursing and moving around in the box. I will post pictures as soon as my hubby downsizes them for me. Hopefully that will be sometime tonight.

Grayce still comes and hunts me out if I leave for awhile. I wasn't expecting that, but it's endearing. I keep telling her she's being a good mom, and we're proud of her. Sounds silly, but maybe she needs to hear my tones, if not the words.

She's eating, drinking water, and has used the litter box. So, all is well as far as I can tell.

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Wonderful! Good job at keeping it together during an exciting and sometimes stressful time!
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Hey! The pictures have been uploaded to The Cat Pages. If you want to view Grayce's page, it's number 708. Also, you can search for her page by keying in her name...Grayce. I will load those same pictures here--once I'm approved by an admin.

I didn't realize the jockeying that goes on for a good eating spot! Talk about pawing one another out of the way. Those kittens are serious about their milk.

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This is Grayce with her kittens, about twelve hours after she had delivered. She looks tired.
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I took a close up of one of the kittens--one of the lighter colored ones. My son thinks their faces look like a cartoon drawing.
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! how sweeeet congrats!
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Oh what sweeties. A bunch of tabbies, huh? Cute!

Good luck with them.
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They are all lovely babies, and Mum is cute too!

Have you found homes for them all yet?
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Hey. A few people have told me they are interested. Now, I can show pictures, and that will help boost my advertising. I have small sons, so we may end up keeping one or two ourselves. My six year old wants to keep them all.

I think the kittens have grown already! I will take more pictures, so stay tuned.

Also, does anyone know if I should have Grayce dewormed? Do all mama cats get worms after they deliver or only a few? I haven't seen any worms, but I haven't looked too close at her feces. Thanks for any info.

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MrsD, there is no correlation between giving birth and having worms. You should wait a few days and then, if you are worried that Grayce has worms, she can be given treatment for them. You will need to treat the kits for worms when they are 8 weeks, unless you see signs earlier.
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Kitty Update:

The kittens have lost their umbilical cords. Still eating and sleeping. Eyes closed. Grayce is nursing them well, but she does take breaks and comes out to be with the rest of us while they sleep. (I wouldn't want to stay in a cardboard box 24/7 either.)

Grayce is wanting to go outside. She isn't spayed, so I can't let her take the chance. Going to buy her a harness and leash, so we can 'walk' her. My children and my children's friends have heard repeated warnings: DO NOT LET THE CAT OUT!

Will post more pics soon!

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Awww, your so lucky have those babies to care for

Im glad they are all doing well

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