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Help, My Cat's Having Kittens

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Hey, I'm posting this here because more people are in the lounge.
My cat (first litter) just had her first kitten, on my son's bed. She isn't nursing her yet. She did take care of the sac and the placenta. Right now she's just licking her. How soon should they nurse them?

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Also, we moved them off the bed, because the kitten was moving around and I was afraid it would fall off the bed. Hubby put them in the box, but she moved them under the dresser..l.on the carpet too. *no towels. Should I move the other kitten while she's haivng number two? Kind of confused. Does nature take care of these things?
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Off to check. I think she's having number two. Like I said, this is her first litter and ours too. Thanks for any help i.e. support. I read the earlier posts on kittens, but feel nervous now that the time is here. And I can't remember anything about the nursing part. But it's exciting. And the first one is very active and meowing.
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mrs d, I know nothing about kitten birthing but Kumbulu does...she's a kitten expert. She lives in Australia, so hopefully if she's not on, she will be soon! Plus, Hissy is an excellent source of information...perhaps try to get a hold of her?
Sorry I couldn't help!
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mrsd- if you aren't particular about where she is to have her babies, then let her pick the place as that will seem the most natural to her. If that is a problem, then just put her in a quiet room that is dark and take a dresser drawer, dump out the contents, fill it with soft bedding and put it in the room with her in a secluded area out of any drafts.

If this is her first litter, she may take a bit to get the kittens nursing on her- especially if she is still in labor as she is a bit distracted right now- Expect her to have about 4-5 which is a normal litter size, but she could have more. She should clean them off and then nudge them to nurse her belly, but again if she is still in labor, she may not want to do that yet. If she is intent on washing herself, this is common in first time moms. They tend to get a bit confused.
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She just had number two, licked her for a little, then seemed to lay down to rest. The placenta is still on. Should i give her time to cut it?

The other kitten is milling around, stepping on kitten number two. I think it wants to nurse.
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Okay, Number one nursed for a bit. (I couldn't hear her meowing, and that's the reason why. ) Kitten number two is detached from the placenta and milling around now. Grayce ate the placenta. Looks gross. She's birthing on my carpet under the dresser. I guess I'll let her since she refused the box.

Maybe I should try the box again though? I didn't realize kittens could scoot around like that after first being born. Would they be safer in there? And is there any chance of her hurting them while she's delivering the others? (Like rolling over on them or stepping on them?)

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Sorry the board keeps kicking me off. She must be a new mom, and sometimes they get stressed and confused. The cord is still attached and if she hasn't chewed it off then pick up the kitten carefully (remember the cord is still attached inside of the mom) pick up the kitten with one hand and see if the cord can go near the mom's mouth to prompt her to chew it, that is the best way. Keep the cord higher than the kitten. If that doesn't work, then use hemostats to clamp the cord- or use a piece of gauze to put pressure on the cord. Hold firm pressure, cut the cord above the clamped off area, not below. use sterilized scissors- leave the pressure on the cord for at least two minutes or longer. If the artery opens and starts to bleed call the vet immediately! Again remember the cord is still attached so don't tug on it-
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Let her eat the placenta, it refurbishes her. I know it is gross. They usually don't eat all of them (at least my ferals don't) They seem to know when they have had enough.

If there is someway you can put protection around her or get her into a box, that would be best, but you could get bit for moving the family or bothering her right now, so be careful.
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It sounds pretty normal so far, but please if you notice anything wrong, call your vet. Have the number handy just in case. When you have it, you usually don't need it. It's been years since I have had a momcat deliver kittens here, usually I get the orphans. I'm trying to remember the right things to do here and hope I am not steering you in the wrong way.There is a website HDW Bengals that gives the best information about what to do during a delivery- let me see if I can find the link
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Okay, thanks. I will just keep monitoring her and them for a bit. I don't think I'll move them just yet. At least they are on the floor now and not on the bed. It's a small bedroom, so there's not many places they can go anyway. And I did move the cardboard box into the room, so she can go there if she chooses.

Also, should I give her her water bowl? I read the post where the water bowl should be kept away from the kittens due to drowning.

And the kittens, will they be warm enough with just her? She's ignored my towels. It is carpet and I've got the heat turned up. They are not close to the register.

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I've got the link.
I'll reread it right quick. Thanks.
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The area they are lying on needs to be dry, if you can get bedding under her, that would help. They need to be warm and dry and out of drafts. If you have a large plastic container with high sides, or a big cardboard box that would be ideal- but mom cat may have other ideas. Block as much area around them as you can to keep them warm and after the last one is born, try moving the whole family to a warmer secure area.
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Hissy has already given you great advice, but just to add my own $.02, remember to breathe. *grin* I know this is a very exciting time and you want to do the absolute best you can - not only for your momma kitty but also for the babies.

The best advice I can give you right now is to keep a watchful eye, but let nature take it's own course. Only intervene if your momma isn't doing her job. If Momma is washing the kittens and pushing them towards her "faucets" *smile* then all is right with your world. It is only when she seems to be having problems that you should step in.

I'll be online for a while longer yet, so if you need help, just either post here, I'll check in frequently or you can call me - I am in Virginia and don't mind emailing you my phone number. I have that wonderful Verizon service where I don't pay a per minute fee for long distance, so it might be better for me to call you if you are comfortable with that.

So far so good - just breathe. And watch.

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Hi, Just got here.

Did you know she was pregnant? If so had you taken her to the vet prior? I'm asking this cos they can normally estimate how many kittens she's having. Definitly give her a drink and food, don't force her though she'll have it if she wants. Keep the kittens away from the mother until you're confident she's finished birthing, but if she's having big gaps between each kitten you might want to give them to her to nurse for awhile. If the cats your floor, perhaps lay a big sheet down or something. Make sure the kittens are warm! They get cold very quickly.

More info coming, Just sending this..
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Also I wouldn't let her eat more then one placenta, because it normally makes them a bit loose.

How is everything going? I'm going to be here for a few hours, so feel free to post anytime.
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She's had the third one. Took care of the placenta. All three are nursing while she is resting. I see her contracting, so I believe there will be one more. She seems to be taking this all in stride and handling the pain well.

Okay, I just saw all the other posts. I will try to keep them warm, but so far, she seems to be doing okay with them, and I don't want to interrupt.
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Gaye and Sam------

Thank YOU both!
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It sounds like she has everything under control. Way to go!

Aww Mary Anne, thanks for alerting me.

Keep us posted.
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Alright!!! She sounds like she's doing just fine ... how about you? You doing OK? Does Momma kitty seem to want you to be nearby or is she totally ignoring you? I am curious because one day, my little Lexus will be having babies and she is tightly bonded to me (even if my hubby swears to the blue heavens she is a Daddy's Girl *snicker*).

Thank YOU Hissy!
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Still nursing the first three. She's resting. She's having some contractions and I see the kitten/ and or other kittens moving inside her. I thought I'd let her be for a few minutes. She seems very relaxed, not anxious.
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She's always been a calm cat. She doesn't seem to mind me being there.

I thought something was weird this evening because she kept following me around and wanting to be petted. She has been 'offish' for a few days prior, moving away if I tried to pet her.

Plus, she didn't eat a lot today. And whatever room I went to, she would follow me around and meow and meow. She's doesn't normally meow at me a lot unless she's hungry. So I gave her food and fresh water, but that didn't seem to satisfy her.

I kept thinking, 'is something going on here?' Then, she jumps up on my son's bed and has that first kitten. I think she's a good mother.

And I'm feeling much better now. I was anxious at first. lol But she's doing great, so that has calmed me.

thanks everyone!

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Just please keep the babies warm- I can't stress that enough. Also start feeding mom about 5 times a day, give her kitten food- even make her kitten glop so that she can replenish her body. Feed her small amounts every time and keep the food and the litter pan far enough away from the kittens but close enough she doesn't have to lose sight of her babies. Of course don't put the food water and litter pan in the same close area- health hazards could occur-
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Just had number four.
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Has had number five. Not sure if there are any more or not. I moved the other three to the box, just so she could deal with the last two. I warmed a few towels and put them in there with them to keep them warm. They are sleeping.

She decided to have these kittens in my youngest sons room (my two year old) and he is having trouble sleeping elsewhere. Has always been the kind of kid that if he's not in his bed, in his room, he can't sleep. He's been a terrible distraction. I'm looking for duct tape now. Just kidding, please don't respond...

I'm going to sign off. I will post pics later on. Thanks to whomever is still awake in Cat Land.

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Congrats on the five kittens- I can't wait to see pics! I'm guessing it's some early time in the AM where you are, but if you can stay up with her and until you're confident she's finished. Also please if you notice she's pushing and not producing anything, don't hesitate to call your 24 hour vet. That is, if you told the vet your cat was having kittens at least a week prior to the due date. I like hissy can't stress enough, just keep those babies warm.

Well done.

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Dear WellingtonCats,
She's acting tired. All five are doing fine, tugging and pulling as they nurse. I've moved her water and food into the room, as well as the litter box, that I cleaned before moving. She deserves a fresh start after her hard work.

Grayce is a tabby, and all five look like tabbies to me--three light gray, and two darker gray.

I'm going to check out the kitty glop recipe and then get some sleep. It's 5:02, almost an 1 1/2 since the last one. She acts peaceful, tired but peaceful. I think she's finished.

Once again, thanks so much to all who responded. It was good to have the support, and I am grateful.

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Mrs D, congratulations on the new arrivals! I'm sorry I wasn't here to help but you got wonderful advice from Hissy, Gaye and Sam the whole way through.
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Awww, congratulations to you new family!

Would love to see some pics

2 years ago, my cat Lucy had 5 kittens, I was more nervouse than she was!
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Glad to read both of you came through all right. Congrats on the new family! Also after these babies are weaned, please spay this mom. Takes a lot out of them to keep having litters-

Post pics when you can, would love to see them!
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