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Pics at last!

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Here they are... my babies! I finally got some pictures done with my friend along with a sig! YAY!

Here's Princess!!

Here's Orei!
What do you think? Aren't they adorable?
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Your baby's are so cute
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Oh, Jenny, well worth the wait! Princess and Orei are so beautiful! Thank you for posting these for us!
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Awwww their so sweet

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they are so sweet pretty colors..
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Oh what faces.....very kissable
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Aw thanks everyone! I am so proud to hear you say that! *blush* Thanks, I am a very proud Meowmy! Princess is 6 weeks in her picture (more recent ones to come) and Orei is about 8 months, to a year. They would be so pleased to hear you say that. *grins from ear to ear* What do you think of the sig? I can't help but love it. My sweet friend Malinda made it for me.
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Cute pics and I LOVE your sig. It's nice to see your kitties!

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OOOOOh they are beautiful!!!!
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They are adorable! I like your siggy also
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They are both just adorable.
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You're signature is so beautiful, Jenny!
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Oh what beauties they are!!!
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Thanks again everyone! Also, for the siggy! I love it too! The sad news is, i have to make it smaller, or it will be taken away,and I dont' know how!
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Does anyone know how? (More pics soon)
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okay seriously - I think I will have to stop coming into this area looking at the pictures - there are just TOO many furbabies I need to catnip!!!!!

what can I say - GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!
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