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We're Back

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Well we got Barbara safely back home to Louisiana via Air Canada. This week has been unbelievable. Thank God we had each other to hold close. We both cried for those who will never hold their loved ones close again. It was very hard to watch her board that plane. I have a better understanding of those who were separated from their loved ones by wars past..the need to hold them close and keep them safe and the frustration of not being able to do so.

Tic and Tac are looking for her...Tac even climbed into my travel bag.

Well,back to life as "normal" I guess.
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KittyFoot :foot: and MeMe Glad to have you home safely! I don't see how Barbara could bring herself to fly. She is a braver person than I. I would have been a nervous wreck. . . . . . .
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Well I am back in Louisiana again but my heart is still in Canada with Wayne. As Wayne said it was a hard week but thank God we were together though it. So happy to be together and yet so damn sad about all that took place that week. Very emotional. I want to say that the Canadian people were so very wonderful and caring. Lots of them flying the American flag at half mast. That was something that really touched my heart.

The flight back was long and security was very tight. Which I was glad about!! People were not complaining about it at all. The planes I flew on were almost empty. Anyhow I am tired both physically and emotionally. And feel so alone now I am not with the man I love so much. But my Kiki Kat was very happy to see me again and I will slowly get back to some type of normal life again.

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Had no choice but to come home. Have a wonderful kitty here that missed me and needed me. Also did not have extra medicine and etc up there with me...grin.
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Meme....I am SO glad you made it home safely, we missed you! I am glad you were with Wayne, when all this happened, so you had him to lean on for support! I still wish there was some way you and he could be together permanentaly, but I do understand the situation, and my prayers are with you both.
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Thank you Debby! Yes last week was hard for both Wayne and I. But the hardest part was saying goodbye and not knowing with things as they are when we will be able to see each other again. But we are trying to look at the bright side....at least we are both alive! So many people have lost their loved ones and we are thankful that we still have each other even though we are seperated by 2000 miles.

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Welcome back! I'm glad you made it home safe!
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I was able to finally talk to my daughter who is on a military base in Germany. Below I have included some of her messages that she sent me via ICQ but have omitted their names as I would not want to breach security in any way. I got the overall opinion from our talk that she is very worried and really misses the USA and her family. She told me often that she loved me during the talk. It is hard not to be able to comfort your own child no matter their age when they need it.

A different FST [mash unit] is out the door already. (Hubby)was not first as usual since they have only been back for 6wks now. A Dr has disappeared here and someone was run off the road and someone else was approached by Arab "looking" guys and asked if they were Am. We (Hubby & I) talked and when he leaves this time the boys and I will move back to Louisiana since he is due to return to US between Dec and Feb.

I live next door to the Am Chapel and as I look out my window at night I can see the candle in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel window glowing and then as I look toward the front of the church I see many, many glowing lights and colors....the steps are full to overflowing with candles , cards, flowers and prayers left by our German neighbors. Then as I look over to the left at the entrance to our street I see 2 fully armed American soldiers standing guard and a humvee on patrol. I look at my baby sleeping and just don't know
what to think...T
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Is freedom that we knew it to be, over for us now? Will we have to become a militant state in order to keep our people safe?
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I dont know the answer to that either Hissy. But I am sure we will have to give up some of our freedoms to make this country more secure now.

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