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Good news....let's hear it!

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Every day we hear about all the bad things happening in the world and we seem to be a society that dwells on the negative aspects of life. What good things happened to you today, this week, this month?

I'll start:

Today: I just finished my 3 month probation and am finally a full time employee!

This week: Nakita has been extra loving to me and Rob so she has received extra treats because she just looks too darned cute!

This month: I celebrated my birthday and became a TCS Community Leader

Let's hear some good things that are happening in your lives.

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Well how about I start with yesterday

Yesterday : I made the decision to volunteer at my local shelter as a driver I think this is good news .

This month: I became a TCS Community Leader

Last month : I got my "Myst" a Oriental Shorthair , went to a cat show and my husband found PD Girls the sweetest kitten I ever known

Great thread
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This is really a great idea!!!

For last week: I was offered a one year extension on my contract.

For last weekend: my guy friend called from camp to tell me how has he been

For last night: I went to the gym!!!
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I got hired by a gentleman in Serbia to answer questions about his business and his website.

I am still working on the book about Feral Cats, it is about halfway completed- it was in rough form for a long time, and will be published soon.

I cleaned out the haybarn today in preparation for the new hay delivery

Noddy and Tazzy came halfway in the house tonight!

I'm losing weight since going for a walk in the afternoon with my dog and increasing my water intake (I am a diet dr pepper freak)
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I got an offer on my house that has been up for 2.5 months!
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My biggie - negative results on the biopsy (woohoo!)

Rita appears to have adjusted very well to her relocation to my house.

I found outstanding homes for a homeless kitten and homeless dog today.

Sam and Spike are fully housebroken!!

Just made plans tonight to go to Puerto Vallarta in November.

Our dear friends are coming to visit us next weekend.
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Good news...

Today (Tuesday, 6/15) is Sean and my 2 year wedding anniversary!

The Triple Trouble Team (otherwise known as Garfield, Spooky, & Eclipse) have much less gas since they started their i/d diet. Garfield's diarrhea is gone, we have seen no more blood in the litter box, so this weeklong i/d diet is working.

We saw a gorgeous, great big rainbow today after dinner. It stretched across the sky, you could see the entire thing for a full 30 minutes before it started to fade away. It was beautiful!

We traded in Sean's old clunker last week for a 2003 Ford Taurus, with 21,000 miles on it.

That's about it for the moment.
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TODAY: I've just read that Amy's(Momofmany) results were negative

THIS WEEK: A friend i know who has just taken on another kitty and is having problems with them bonding, text me last night to say that she was so pleased i was there to talk to.

THIS MONTH: My kitts both had a health check and passed with flying colours
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TODAY: My other half is on his way home (again) so I get to see him tonight.
THIS WEEK: I finally have a bed! I've been sleeping on a matress on the floor since September but because now I've decorated the room and got the carpet laid I have a new bed as well.
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TODAY: I get to leave work early!!!!

THIS MONTH: I finally treated myself to a vacation-one week of relaxation, reading and sleeping!
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Today: I am going home at lunch time and get to spend some time playing with Dori

This week: My boss came back from vacation and said I did a good job while he was gone! (things got bad )

This month: My downstairs neighbor who I was good friends with moved away, but is coming to stay with me a night next Friday.
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After a month of holding my breath, I can finally breath...the Vet said that Dylan is doing better and that he is very likely going to be getting over his Hepatic Lipidosis.

And I have the ENTIRE week off, to enjoy my kitty...and to sleep late and to do whatever it is my little heart desires!
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I was inspired last night. I've been reading a book called The Practical Princess and Other Liberating Tales and I decided to adapt The Practical Princess into a play. Its about 15 minutes long (perfect length for a fairytale) I'm sending it to a friend for critique and suggestions and then I'm going to submit it for performance next year!

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MotherCat and ValerieCat walked up and down the driveway, with their tails intertwined with each other. Princess almost walked right up to me this morning and she looked like she wanted a pat. My yards were all watered today, temps have been 101-104 last week so everything got a bath and a drink. I had a chance to have a cup of coffee this morning and check out my beautiful yard, listen to the birds sing and watch the ferals stalk the flyers, knowing they were not going to catch them. What a beautiful morning I had!!!
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Today: I just finished repainting my master bedroom.

This week: I passed my nuclear stress test.
Florida school grades were released, and my school is an A.
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TODAY: I just got back from a 60 minute walk (I feel the pounds melting away)!!

THIS WEEK: I talked my husband OUT of buying a boat.

THIS YEAR: I found forever homes for 60 stray kitties!!
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Here's my good news for the last few weeks:

My husband and I went to Italy at the end of May.
Both my kitties survived us going to Italy and neither one got sick!!
My sister-in-law is due any day with my first nephew
My husband and I are trying to get pregnant (send me some fertile vibes, please!!)
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I weighed myself today and I have lost a total of 21 pounds!! This new job is melting me away!
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Well, tomorrow I am starting Weight Watchers again. My weight has gotten totally out of control. I considered surgery, but I don't have the healthiest digestive tract to begin with so my doctors and I decided it was not an option. I really have no other choice now that I found out I have sleep apnea, and my brother called me last week to tell me he's been diagnosed with diabetes. I've got to do something! Wish me luck!
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Today I took the big step and cut off my hair to my shoulders It was midway of my back. I like it

This month Ken has started putting my kitchen back together....Whoa We have cabinets now

My grandchildren gave me a stuffed calico kitty to put on my bed
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Another good news!!

Yesterday: I have been given a pay raise!!!!!
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Not good news but GREAT NEWS!

Last night Noddy and Wink came in and slept with us! For the first time since Blink died.

I have been working with TCS's new cat behaviorist Jackson with some techniques to help their stress level decrease.

Last night, they both came in the bedroom and slept with us! They are both in the house now on the cat post asleep!
Thank you Jackson, should you be lurking!
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yesterday: Molly let me pet her outside of her safety zone, and even staid out for a bit
This week: Molly started to let me touch her
This month: we're managing to pay all our bills and have some money besides
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Today : Finished work one hour early (thanks to my boss being a football fan)
This Week: Haven't missed the bus once for work.
This Month: The cold has gone and summer is here.
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Originally Posted by turtlecat
yesterday: Molly let me pet her outside of her safety zone, and even staid out for a bit
This week: Molly started to let me touch her
This month: we're managing to pay all our bills and have some money besides
YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!!! WAHEY!! I'm so glad to hear this!! WTG!! for me:

Today: My business partner and best friend in the world sent me a poem today (he lives in Hong Kong) to cheer me since I've been very cranky lately. I thought I'd share it with you.

I wish for you a happy day
with joy and laughs and smiles,
and hope my love can ease your stress
from across the watery miles.

Take the time to breathe clear air
and walk on green, lush grass,
and if you still feel cranky
I'll kick your lily-white @$$!

Hehe! Worked How can I be cranky *now*??

This week: I got 3 new contracts for web sites and I went to my first cat show ever with my daughter and we had a blast! (not showing, just looking)

This month:
My baby brother and his wife decided to move closer to us (they live about 3 hours away right now).

My older brother and his family have arrived in Washington DC from Poland and will be here in 2 weeks time. I haven't seen them in 2 years (except my bro for one day at my grandpa's funeral in March), and I won't see them again for 2 years as their next post is in Ghana, Africa. But we'll have 3 weeks to get to know each other again! And my neice and nephew, too! daughter had a major good thing happen to her medically which I'm EXTREMELY happy about
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