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Kitty haircuts????

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Hi everyone

I have a cat that is a ragdoll-siamese mix. Her hair is not quite as long as a persian's, but it's pretty long, and I was thinking about taking her to have her professionally groomed. I have 2 questions:

1)What would a professional groomer do, that I couldn't do at home, and

2) Do professional groomers trim the cat's fur? Is this recommended for cats with longer hair?

Thanks in advance!!!
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Generally when a cat goes to a groomer, it's just to get a bath and be brushed. You can request that a cat get trimmed around trouble spots such as the bum if poop gets caught, or to be shaved if the hair mats alot and you cant brush them. If your cat enjoys getting brushed, a haircut shouldn't be necessary.
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Thanks for the advice!!! She's not really matted, her fur is just kinda long and woolly. Looking at pictures of other ragdolls, though, I think this is a characteristic of their fur.
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usually when someone takes a cat in for grooming they bathe and blow dry/brush the cat. and of course, a groomer should not cut your cat's hair without your prior knowledge and agreement. really, all you should have to do is bathe your long hair cat occassionally and brush/comb her regularly. daily even. i have a grooming page on my website if you're interested in bathing your kitty yourself. go to; www.purrfectpurrsians.net and click on the grooming page button. let me know if i can help you.
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Most Ragdolls I've handled have a lovely silky texture to their coat. When we want our Persians shaved we take them to the vets and they will do them half as cheap as a Professional Groomer. Does your kitty like being groomed? If so then it would be cheaper to do it at home, I use a wide toothed comb on my kitties, don't use anything made of plastic, it's very bad for the kitties coat. and a finer comb on their face and paws. Does your kitty have a dirty coat or smell a bit? If so bath her, if not there is no reason to bath her, you don't want to upset her for nothing. Just give her a quick groom every now and then, and you'll both be happy!
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We trim Tyler's fur down every summer. We don't have an air conditioner in all rooms of the house and he refuses to lay where it's cool all the time. He doesn't mind, he looks silly but he feels better. Could it be harmful to him to cut his fur (other then the risk of snipping him with the scissors)?
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She doesn't smell, but her coat is a bit oily. I have bathed her a few times since I've had her, and she doesn't seem to mind it too much. I wasn't sure if I was doing it correctly, though. I see that it is recommended to dry them with a blow dryer. I was towel drying her and letting her air dry. I will definitely try these suggestions. I have a brush, but I need to buy the comb.

Thanks for all your help!!!
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Jake gets a little oily in spots and a breeder friend of mine gave me some advice a while back for that. What I do is use "Goop" hand cleaner and rub it in to Jake's oily spots. Then rinse, suds him up with "Dawn" dishwashing liquid, rinse, wash with his kitty shampoo and then rinse with a couple gallons water that has a couple Tablespoons of vinegar in it. It sounds more complicated then it is really. Doesn't take that long once you're used to it! And they do stay oil free much longer when you follow these steps.
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I have a ragdoll mixed, he's almost 11 years old. I used to take him to the groomers and have his belly shaved about twice a year. It stresses him to go to the groomer or vet so I tried to just do it at home. I bought a pet hair trimmer at the store and this works well. If you keep up with brushings than this isn't necessary, but he also hates to be brushed. I took him to Petsmart once & they charged me $50.00 to bath and groom him (shave belly & privates). I found a groomer in the area (Charleston, SC) that only charges $15.00 for the same thing! Trimming/shaving the cat is not harmful and it helps him to keep up with his own grooming.
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I have a furry, silky all-white Munchkin, and we usually bathe him once a month and brush every weekend. Seems to have everything under control. Maybe once in 3 months i'll cut some hair around his bum, just so nothing gets stuck, but lately i've been no dingleberries so I think he's A OK.
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