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Young female cat w/2 kittens need home in San Diego

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Hello everyone:

I have been desparately trying to find potential adopters for a recently-abandoned female cat and her two kittens. They, along with the Daddy Cat, have taken up residence outside my house. I have been providing food, and have an appointment to have the male and female adult cats fixed by a mobile neutering clinic on Sunday, June 27. I would like to get the kittens checked out at the same time if I can find a vet's office open on Sunday.

I previously committed myself to do a volunteer vacation in Ecuador in July. I will be leaving on July 11 and returning on August 1. So, I am anxious to get these fur babies placed in a new home before I have to leave. I have three indoor cats of my own, and I live in cramped quarters. My boyfriend will be caring for my cats, but he won't have the time to devote to kittens in a new environment.

I will likely have to release the male cat when he has recovered from his neutering, since he appears to be too feral. However, the female cat and the two kittens have been waiting outside my doorstep for food almost every morning, so they might be able to be socialized as pets. I have not been able to pet the female adult cat, but I have been able to pet the kittens a few times. The female adult cat is a tabby and white calico, as is one of the kittens. The other kitten is mostly grey with tabby markings. I have not been able to determine the gender of the kittens yet.

I have contacted several no-kill shelters in the area, all of which have said they are full. The feral cat organizations will only help with trapping and releasing, not with the placement of stray cats. I would hate to release the kittens back out on the street, especially now since they are starting to get accustomed to human contact. Plus, I live in an urban neighborhood with lots of traffic and perhaps some abusive people. Although I cannot take these fur babies into my home, it would break my heart if anything bad happened to them.

Please help if you are able or pass this message on to others who might be able to help. To protect the cats from being taken my dishonest folks who sell strays to labs or subjected to other abusive situations, I would ask that potential adopters provide me with veterinary references. Thank you for your attention and help.

Bobbi Weaver
HOME: (619) 229-6933
WORK: (619) 525-1497
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GOOD LUCK - so wish I could help - but unfortunatly I am a little to far away

sending good luck vibes your way and my thoughts are with you and these kitties
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