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Possibly Pregnant Cat in IN needs rescue soon!

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I need a rescue for a cat named Natasha that I am fostering. She was at my local animal shelter with her too-young kittens and they were all to be euthanized. I offered to foster them, and they were saved. Someone even found a 2 week old kitten all by herself. She would have died, but I offered to introduce her to Natasha. Natasha took care of the kitten like it was her own. Now all of the kittens were adopted and Natasha is left all alone. Unfortunately, she keeps getting bigger and bigger, and the way it figures out, she could have gotten pregnant again before she came to the shelter and then to my house. Me and my family are going on vacation at the beginning of July, and my parents said she needs to find a home or rescue by then.
She is a 1 and a half year old longhaired Calico. She uses her litterbox well and loved to play with her kittens. She now loves to cuddle with me and stretch out in the sun. She is going to make a wonderful cat for someone, and her temperament would make her excellent in a home with children. She also is a wonderful mother, so she will be excellent in that area if she is pregnant.
Please, I need help with this. If no rescue or home is found before July, she will have to go back to the shelter and will almost immediately be euthanized. She does not deserve that fate for her kindness. Please, if you are a rescue and can help her, please post below or pm me. Also, if anyone would like to adopt her and find good homes for the *possible* kittens, please let me know as well. I would prefer a rescue, though.
Feel free to crosspost this far and wide, this girl needs help.
Here are some pictures of her:

You can also try to judge from the pictures whether or not you think she is pregnant. Let me know what you think.
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Well, it'd be fairly simple to figure out. A cat's gestation period is a little under 3 months, and they do go into a "kitten" heat right after they give birth. If she was out during this time she could very well be pregnant.
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sorry I cant help - but I am a little to far away

my thoughts are with you and this precious girl - she looks adorable
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Thanks, I don't know if she was out then or not. She was found as a stray when her kittens were 4 weeks old. Someone told me that if I lift her up by her front paws and her sides curve out, then she is pregnant. Is this true? If it is, then she is going to be a mommy again.

I still need a rescue for her.
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Kutin...first..I think what you do is AMAZING. That cat is GORGEOUS and I'm willing to help towards having her spayed if you need funds. I do hope you can find a rescue for her soon.


P.S. Did you contact the Best Friends Network about her?
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Thanks, TNR1. And no, I forgot about contacting them. I will do that right away. Thanks.
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Judgeing from the pictures, it does look like your beautiful cat is pregnant. If she is extremely cuddly and loving, that is one sign. Also, feel her belly. It will feel real swollen in the abdomen.If you have any more quesitons, let me know.
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Do you have an update one this maybe soon to be momma cat? Have any rescues offered to take her in yet? Also.. where in Indiana are you located?
I can not take her in, but can help spread the word.
Sarah Thomas
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