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I am always trying to find the best food for mine as well. Availability, palatibility and price are all important as well as good nutrition. One of mine developed digestive problems a few years ago and the vet believed it was because the digestibility of the catfood he was getting was too hard on his system. We switched to a hgher grade prescription diet and he has definitely thrived on that.

Mine get a mixture of dry and wet: a 6 oz can or two 3.5 oz cans divided into 5 bowls in the morning and again in the evening, plus a soup bowl of dry food always available, filled in the am, and occasionally refilled in the pm. They love the pro-plan canned but it is expensive and only comes in small tins. I am trying other foods as I can find them - they turn their noses up at Felidae, Natural Balance and Nutro Max - and anythng that is 'cubed' has to be squashed with a fork to make pate because they lick the sauce and leave the cubes! No matter how good the food, if they won't eat it then it doesn't make a difference. Sometimes a can of expensive stuff that they completely consume works out cheaper than less expensive food that is thrown away mostly uneaten.

They really liked the Dick Van Patten food - I don't have a tin here to compare ingredients, but I remember reading it in the store and being impressed. They also like
the Authority brand which is made in Canada for a US company and available at Pet Smart. Here is the ingredients on their lamb and rice adult formula: lamb broth, lamb, poultry liver, ocean whitefish, egg broduct, brown rice, rice flour, guar gum, potassium chloride, iodized salt, brewers dried yeast, carageenan, taurine, vitamin and mineral supplements (then listed). crude protein 10%; crude fat 6% (their lite variety has crude fat at 2.5%); fiber .8%;moisture 78%; ash 1.9%;magnesium .025%; taurine .05.

As well, they like Optimum's Nature's Recipe. Here is the label from the julienne cut lamb in gravy formula (chunks!): lamb stock, lamb, liver, wheat gluten,wheat flour, starch, salt, steamed bone meal, vitamins (then listed). Crude protein 9%; crude fat 2.5%; crude fiber 1%; moisture 80%; ash 2.7% (higher than I like); taurine .05%