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I will start to volunteering at my shelter

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I was thinking for a long time about how I can help my shelter with the time I do have . I did not want to go there to clean the cages or walk dogs ect . I would not mind the work with cleaning ect . But I would have a problem to see all the animals who are in need for a home and those who has been pts . So yesterday at work I found out that they need drivers for the Van to transport the animals to the vet and back . I think that is something I can do with out getting to attached to the animals . So tommorow I will go to my shelter to fill out a aplication for volunteering to drive . The manager is also a German woman and many germans do volunteering works there My friend Iris is going with me tommorow and we both will help each other not to fall in love with a dog or cat . Iris has many dogs from rescue and I have many cats from rescue , what a compination Iris also has cats and I have dogs . Iris is more a dog person and I more a cat person , is that funny or what how we both match
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Good for you Hedi! There are so many odd jobs at a shelter that don't require you to be tempted with adopting everyone. I mostly organize the fundraising activities at my shelter, as I'm a failure as a foster mom and my house is full. The more exposure you have with a shelter, the more opportunities you will find and eventually you can work into what works best for you.
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That's great Hedi...as Amy said...there are tons of ways to help.

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Thanks guys

Due to the manager is german and I also work Mondays at my friends hair salon ( Iris ) ( I think half of the german woman here in the US are getting their hair done there ) I know a lot what is going on there . Most of it is not good news at all , mostly very sad . But how ever , I know I am not good at all with paper work ect ect . But for sure I will find out more where help is needet and where I can jump in when I start there
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And I did

I found out the the last driver did not come back for the last couple of weeks and needet very bad a driver . So I am glad I sign up

Gosh and while I was there I see the cutest two puppys I ever have seen They are both females and maybe 4 month old , but it is a great dane/some kind of hunting dog cross . One was kind of grey spots and the other one I want has brown spots . But I don't think my husband will let me I will ask him any way

They are also full max out with kittens They had the cutest little red/white kitten there and a very pretty white British Shorthair cat but it was declawed poor baby .

Then I see the one little dog in the animal control section isolated , his/her fur was a totaly matted gosh that poor thing look aweful . After that I just had to go and was in . People are just so cruel sometimes
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Hedi..that's great that you are volunteering. I will tell you what others have said to me....you "will" see things that make you sad and you will wish you could take them all home..but know that what you are doing is enough.

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Thanks TNR1

Yea I know I can't take them all home sight and I know I will see things I don't want to see I know I already hear hear to much I really do not want to know sight

But at least I do what I can do and I think even the little things count
My husband already said that I can't save them all , but I wish I could
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Every little thing counts! Be strong about wanting to adopt all of them!

One of the best experiences that I had was when I went into the hoarder's house to take pictures of the cats and dogs they were pulling from there. It made me see first hand "good intentions gone wrong".

You and I have a lot of pets - far more than what folks would consider normal. I know I'm at my maximum point. Any more and I start doing them a disservice - I can feed, vet and clean after a lot more than I have, but I would never be able to give them the individualized attention that they also need.

So I ooo and ahhh at the dogs and cats, then brace myself, turn my back, and go about my business as event coordinator and fundraiser. I serve them best by raising money to pay for their care. I raised enough money last month for 60 speuters.
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Thanks Momofmany

Reading your post made me think and the best I could come up with , to take one day at a time there and to remember your post about the hoarder . That sure is a great wake up call .
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