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I get so frustrated with him sometimes

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Well Jordan has been on a roll lately & 5 out of the last 6 days he has scratched me on my legs, or hands. Last night I lost my temper with him & yelled at him. Which may not seem like a big deal, but when I yell at him it scares Levi & then Levi wouldn't let me touch him the rest of the night. Most of the time when he scratches me it's an accident, but last night while I was clipping his claws he got mad & reached up & swated me across the face, claws extended. I've only got one small scratch to show for it, but I got mad. I even had a split second thought of, "maybe I should have him declawed.", but I would never do that to my baby. I'm very careful when clipping claws & have NEVER, over clipped. (I do keep a bottle of quick stop by my side just in case). I don't want him thinking that he can do that if he doesn't feel like having his claws clipped. I was so frustrated that when I went in the bathroom to take a shower, I colsed it all the way so they couldn't come in with me. I never do that. I'm not really mad at him anymore, but I just don't know what to do with him sometimes. I've never had a cat that would be aggresive towards me. I don't really have a question I just needed to vent a little.
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Is he neutered yet? Did you play with him at all with your hands and fingers when he was younger? Or do you play that way now? I would do interactive play with him with toys on a string or fishing pole- what are you doing when he scratches you? Petting him? Stop petting him, he is telling you in the only way he knows that he doesn't like it. Don't yell at your cats, because yelling only makes problems worse. They have three ways to respond when they are annoyed or unhappy, they can bite, they can scratch or they can become vocal- then they run away from whatever has upset them.
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Yep he's neutered. I've never played with him with my hands because one I know that's a bad idea & two he get's WAY too excited when he plays & get's very ruff. I do however wonder what the first 4 months of his life were like because when I got him someone had cut off his whiskers. I try to be patient, but if you saw my hand & my leg right now you'd understand why I got upset last night. I play with my boys every day. Jordan loves to fetch & of coarse they both love that cat toy that's a wire with the card board on it. As a matter of fact I had spent about 30 mins playing with them earlier that night & there are always toys all over the appartment they can play with if they want. I know that yelling is bad, I was just at the end of my rope last night.
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Oh, I can understand ur frustrations! I have caught myself yelling at my cats several times even though I know it's bad. I was at the end of my rope those times just as u were.

When u do his claws, does he struggle? Do u give him treats after the clippings? I found with my cats in the beginning, they struggled like heck when I tried to do their nails but after I gave them treats as a reward, they stopped struggling. Now, they just sit there like a statue as I clip away at their claws. Because they know they'll be getting treats!

Another idea maybe to try is to get Feliway spray or plugin? (supposed to calm cats down). That might help??
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