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New Kitty Mommy!!

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I love my baby girl!! Her name is Lily and she is 11 weeks old. My boyfriend and I adopted her from a shelter 4 days ago. I have never owned a pet that lives outside a cage (many hamsters, guinea pigs and fish) so I was nervous that I would not be a good mommy. I was amazed to see how quickly Lily became attached to us and how quickly we got attached to her. We just sit on the couch and watch her - she is wonderful. I fond myself missing her all day at work (guess where I am writing this message from ) My boyfriend is trying to teach me all about kitty care - it is a good thing we have him!! Yesterday when Lily feel asleep in my lap for the first time I absolutely melted. I love her sooooo much. Any tips for me on anything would be appreciated!!
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Wow, Lily so good. I happy she find nice peopel too! If you want ask, Our Feline Companions many section with help!
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Welcome to our little family of cat-people! I know there are a lot of people here who can answer just about any question you have, so ask away as you need to!
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Welcome to TCS! Lily sounds so precious! Would love to see pics of her! Cindy is right, if you need any help, please feel free to ask us! There are a lot of us on here that can help you become the best mommy! Have fun!
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Welcome to TCS to you and Lily!
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Welcome to TCS.

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to tcs!!! i cant wait to see pictures of lily!!
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Welcome to the site and congratulations on the new addition to your family!! Lily sounds so precious.
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Welcome to TCS.
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Congrats on your new kitty! I remember my first cat too - he is 9 years old now and I am amazed every day at how big and grown up he is. Charish every moment and take MANY pictures! they grow so fast!

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Hi and welcome,

My advice is to take lots of pictures! They grow up so fast. Get her spayed when your vet recommends (if you do it before she goes into heat it has health benefits too!).

Special kitten advice...if something seems cute now...climbing certain things, nipping, kicking, attacking things like hands...think carefully about how cute it will be when she's 10+ pounds and really strong! Men especially seem to like to play rough with kittens and get them into bad habits.

Have fun with Lily and at this forum.

See you around...
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