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how to say sorry?

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I am never good at saying sorry to anyone who has lost a pet. I feel like saying sorry isn't good enough, but sorry is all I can say & that the pet was loved by that person. Do you ever feel like it is hard to say sorry or it just isn't enough words? I think the reason is because I have never lost a pet yet, so that is why. But, I can listen! I think that is one of my good assets!
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I'm always lost for words in such cases too and that's because I know that no words can express my feelings. But, on teh other hand, I know how relieving a simple sorry can be if it is said by someone who you know means it.
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I always feel at a loss in the face of someone else's loss. But I remember this from my own times of grief, that the folks who acknowledged it seemed kind, and the ones who said nothing sort of drifted out of my circle of friends after a while. So I think maybe it is important to say something, even if it seems kind of lame.
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that you can physically see, a hug is plenty of words. If it is someone on the Internet that you like or admire and they know this, then whatever you do say, be it "sorry" or posting a poem, or sending a card, they will know that it comes from your heart and that is the important thing.

Anne has set up a new forum called "Crossing the Bridge" where members can go and express their feelings about losing a loved one, be it animal or human.
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I agree that no words can ever be enough to console someone in mourning...whether it be the loss of a human or feline friend or family member. But a simple "sorry" is a warm reaching out from one heart to another...a gentle affirmation of the bond that has been completed.
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Tigger, I just want to tell you something....

The day after I had lost Ash in the night, you were the first person to respond to my pain, and you sent me a PM, and you talked to me, and what you said made me feel so much better, it wasn't just so much WHAT you said, as the fact that I knew you cared. That meant alot to me, more than you will ever know. Thank you. It meant alot!!! You were my that day.
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