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Urgent - West Virginia shelter needs help NOW

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This is a cross post - anyone out there in the WV area?

The shelter director of the Mason County Animal Shelter in Point Pleasant, WV is a compassionate woman. For months, she's been fighting the county's order to gas animals. Yesterday she lost the fight. Gassing started and will continue. Dogs and cats will be going into the gas chamber en masse unless we can get them out of there.

This shelter has room for only about 24 dogs and about an equal number of cats. As of yesterday afternoon, there were 103 animals listed on Petfinder, and that was just a small part. They took in 25 new dogs on Wednesday, another 10 on Thursday. The intake numbers are incredible. Now, they're bursting at the seams and the county won't stand for it any longer. There are dogs in the lobby, dogs in the cat cages, dogs kenneled three, four, even five to a cage. Dogs indoors and outdoors. There's nowhere left to put them.

Please take a look at the Petfinder site http://www.petfinder.org/shelters/WV39.html Animals with names under the name of the pet are spoken for by rescues, but the rest of them are available and need your help desperately, especially those on the first page, which are the animals there the longest. Big, mixed breed dogs are at highest risk. So are the cats. There aren't many cat rescues working with Mason, and the majority of those cats not spoken for will be gassed, probably this weekend.

If you can help, please contact Missy at x5dogs@aol.com or either Kimberly or Judy at catndog@ezwv.com. For most efficient response, please include your name, address, phone number and email address along with the name of your rescue, any web site URL AND the name, address and phone number of the vet you use to alter and treat animals in your rescue.

The Mason County Animal Shelter is located at Route #1 , Box 480 , Point Pleasant , WV 25550 Phone: (304) 675-6458

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Oh no! This just makes me cry! I wish I could do something. Unfortunately this is the case with shelters all over the country. One of these days when I have the means, I promise to build my own cat house and do everything I can to help these unlucky cats.
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