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Tuesday Daily Thread

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I almost started this thread at 1 o'clock this morning, but decided to wait until later, and I still got to do it! I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days, basically because of the fact that our alarm system at the store went off this morning, and ADT called us about 12:30 to go see what was up. Thank God it was a false alarm, just some stuff fluttering in the air conditioning set off the motion detectors, but it took both of us till about 2 o'clock or so to wind down and go back to sleep after that. Oh well, aside from that, I think its probably gonna be a decent day, same ole' same ole'! How 'bout the rest of you ?
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Just another day at home! Ever since I became full-time housewife I have enjoyed my days much more! I will be cleaning the house, I'm trying to get it as anti-allergen as I can, my husband is having sinus surgery on the 30th, and I don't want anything around here to be bothering him while he recovers. I will do as much as I can but the cats will just have to try not to have dandruff!
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It appears that this has become a save a pet day for me. Trying to get a white angora, deaf, multi-colored eye kitten pulled from a shelter to adopt to a friend. Also trying to get a border collie girl pulled from a shelter for a neighbor. Have trap ready to catch the tuxie boy - the puppies found his hiding place last night so I now know where he hangs out in back of my property - just waiting for the rain to subside. (and waiting for the doctor's office to call back with my test results)

Can I do this full time?
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I am just working like normal. my boss came back from Costa Rica today, thank goodness! And this evening, I plan on attempting to finish cleaning out the apartment and cleaning out the clutter my boyfriend insists doesn't exist.
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I am just here at work, trying to look productive I have no big projects today, thank God! I am just exhausted because it's been so hot out and we are still waiting for the guy to finish putting in our central AC...I don't get much sleep when I am warm! So, I took 2 benadryl last night to get some ZzZzZz's...and boy did that work! I didn't want to get up this morning, it was perfect. It is dark outside because it's suppose to storm all day, so even more reason for me to continue sleeping. Woot! It's Payday! TGIPD! Anyway--hope everyone has a great day!
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Cindy i've been there with alarm call outs for work as well,twice in one night at one point

Someone from work brought in a newspaper clipping today of a gorgeous 3 year old "Tortie" in my area who went missing 6 weeks ago.

The owner gave up hope of ever finding her when out of the blue she received a phone call to say her cat had been found-300 mile away in Glasgow!!!!!.

She had been well looked after and thinks she may have been a stowaway somewhere because she was in excellent condition.

I love happy endings like that
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Originally Posted by rosiemac
Cindy i've been there with alarm call outs for work as well,twice in one night at one point
I don't know which is worse, twice in one night, or having a brand new system put in, and the police calling you to tell you to come in because someone threw a monkey wrench through the front glass door, and the %$#%@^%^$ glass breaking detectors didn't even notice it! (Needless to say, someone was out the next day to fix it!)
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We have two different calls which go to the police.
An intruder alarm,which the alarm company waits for two sensors to go off which means there is someone is on the premises, or a normal false alarm where only one sensor is activated.

We had a murder 100 yards from our building at work on this particular day, and the police said an intruder alarm had been reported to them by the alarm company, and that they would be there waiting for us to arrive before going in.

It was a false alarm!. Needless to say the police hauled the alarm company over the coals for wrong info!
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I am dealing with a hungover hubby It is the first time I have ever seen him drunk. Oh my goodness!

My landlady and her hubby work at the post office (they are clerks) and they don't have regular weekends off, instead, Monday and Tuesday are her days off and she invited us to taste test a South Boil Seafood Stew (aka Dump) and we got to drinking tequila shots that they brought back from Mexico and swam in their pool. It was a fun night! It has been a year since I last did some drinking

Hope everyone has a good day!
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ever since I've gone back to work, it's been like they couldn't live without me. I've had phone calls and working over, cleaning and reorganizing things like that. it's terrible but it's job security I guess, for better or worse.
Today I have to close and that sucks. oh well, I liked my schedule this week back. I worked mostly days. this next week I work mostly nights and that sucks. I'd like to find a job that I can work all days, I'm not a night person anymore. but that's hard to do since I'm epiletic and need to have benefits to cover my medication and doctors visits. I try not to tell potential work places but when you ask about benefits they seem to wonder, ya know?
I might have a job interview but I have to check it out first. can you guys maybe send some let this be the right job with the things I need vibes for me??
other then that, I'm lounging around with the doors opened, it's beautiful here!!!!!!! the cats are loving it! I haven't been able to let them out on the porch since I was on vacation,(what seems like an eternity ago!)
Oh and I've been married a whole 10 days now!!!!!
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Those 10 days have gone quick Barb.

I was on holiday from work all last week, I don't work Mondays and so today I had to go back, and I just didn't want to be there.
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ive not long got in from work, very long day and it dragged just doing paperwork all day. now im home im gonna get in the bath and relax my night away.
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Just about to go to school. I have a head cold and not really feeling the best. We have PE first period and it's so stormy outside. I hope everyone has a nice day.

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